Dracula’s Mind Games

The passage that I chose to look at is on page 32. It is one of Harkers journal entries with the date May 28. In the passage he is talking about how he wants to escape and send letters home to Mina. He sees gipsies outside of the castle and wants them to send the letters home for him so Count Dracula doesn’t see the letters. He describes them in his journal entry and says that he has notes on them. In his descriptions his sort of bashes the gipsies a little bit by saying “who are almost outside all law”(pg 32).  He also says that he has been talking to them a little to try to make them friends so that they will be more inclined to do this favor for him. 

I feel like this passage really shows Harkers whole situation and how much he wants to get out of the castle. It shows how he is really willing to trust anybody with very important tasks if it means that he might be able to get out. This is important because it shows how scared Harker is and how desperate he is to get out that he is willing to trust people that he doesn’t know. This shows the true amount of fear and torture that Count Dracula can put on someone and what it can do to your mind. This is important because at the beginning of the book Dracula seemed like a good person being a good host but then after a while he showed his true self, and this shows what his true self can do to someone.


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