The Devouring Sea

For my analysis I looked particularly at a lot of the words and language that is used on page 87 of the novel. In this current moment of the novel there is very little being said that is actually about Dracula however a lot of the words being used to allude to him broadly and if not to him to a “Undead Monstrous” type person. Roared, devouring monster, grim clasp, fatalities, dangers, ghostly fashion, spirits, and death are all words that are used on this page. I think it is very interesting as I said these are all words that could be used to describe him but were not describing him in the moment but were used to set a scene that he would be in eventually. I think it was very clever how this was done because the fact that the words are grouped in this way pointed to the concept of undead or a dangerous person by describing elements of the ocean and the weather at this moment in the novel.