Monthly Archives: June 2012

Busy Spring at Dickinson

It’s been a busy spring!  First, while I was finishing up the Global Scholars Program in Australia one of our own was awarded departmental honors for her thesis on the impacts of ocean chemistry on seagrass chemical defenses and graduated in May.  Congrats Hannah – we will miss the shrimp of the week! We’ve also broken ground on two construction projects, the final phase of the Rector Science Complex and the nearby greenhouse facility.  Check them out here. The portable FOCE system (left) is in Continue reading →

New paper on sugar transport and plant defense

New article published in New Phytologist.  JA responses reconfigure the long-distance transport of carbon but not nitrogen in poplar.  Heidi Appel, Tom Arnold, and Jack Schultz Phenolic substances – including those the deter herbivores and serve as pigments – accumulate in plant tissues because plants can actively boost carbon, but not nitrogen import after wounding.  Phenolics are constructed mostly from carbon atoms and one way to predict their occurrence is to track carbon, in the form of carbohydrates, throughout trees.