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Plant biochemistry meets insect ecology


Tom Arnold is a professor in the Biology department and the program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Dickinson College.  He has served as chair of the Environmental…

Visiting the Benjamin Rush Medicinal Plant Garden

Research Symposium ’22

HDACis and RNAseq

The Stafford Greenhouse Facility – since 2013!

Congrats to the 2021-2 Research Team!

Leafy greens use mustard chemistry to sabotage herbivore DNA

Congratulations to Eric, who is off to study chemical engineering, and Eryn who successfully defended her honors thesis, Effects of Biotic Elicitors on the Glucosinolate Content in Broccoli…

Investigating polyphenols from coffee fruit extract

Our lab team has been analyzing the polyphenol chemistry of coffee fruit.  That’s right, there was a fruit around that beautiful bean.  And it’s packed full of useful…

Throwback Fieldwork Photos

Science Row at Dickinson College

Rector Science Complex at Dickinson College

RustyBug goes for ice cream on campus!

From the Multicultural Alzheimer’s Prevention Program ApoE Symposium

Inviting Alzheimer’s: the apoe4 gene disrupts cellular infrastructure, paving the way for cognitive decline January 22, 2021.  Thomas Arnold On Friday, approximately two hundred scientists from around the…

Natural HDAC inhibitors alter histones, gene expression, and development

Our work with HDACis from plants, microbes, and other organisms demonstrates the role of these molecules in nature.  Here they alter development of common insects by changing patters…