Monthly Archives: March 2013

New article on plant resource transport and metabolism

New article on plant carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism published with colleagues from the University of Missouri’s Bond Life Science Center.  The article describes our work with poplar seedlings and older trees, showing that wound responses include the rapid import of sugars but not extra nitrogen-based resources to wound sites such as grazed leaves.  The response is faciliated by jasmonic-acid induction for the activity of extracellular invertases and sugar importing proteins.  See the article here:

Linking science and culture: the art of bonsai

Students from Biology 325 Plant Physiology joined with students and faculty from the the East Asian Studies department and those involved in the College’s new LUCE grant to learn the art of bonsai from local expert Jim Doyle.  This event was the first held in the Inge Stafford Greenhouse facility, which opened a few weeks ago.  For more information, and all the photos find your way to: