We started off this action-packed day with a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. Our tour guide, Jeremy, was excellent at showcasing the city’s ancient history. We were able to learn about the city’s rich past, while also seeing some of the world’s most important religious sites. From the top of a yeshiva (Jewish school of learning), we were able to get a comprehensive view of the Western Wall and Al-Aqsa mosque. Furthermore, we were able to see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which is known to be site that Jesus was crucified.

After our tour we headed to Tel Aviv. Our first activity in this modern and vibrant city was a food tour of the Carmel Shuk (market). This was a great opportunity to try some of the diverse foods Israel has to offer. I personally really enjoyed trying the local fish and fruit drinks.

After our quick nosh at the Carmel Shuk, we got a tour of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station. It is the second largest bus station in the world but it is mostly vacant. Today it serves as the commercial center for many of Israel’s ethnic minorities. However, most of the station is filled with street art and there is also a sizable bat colony living in the loading area. In the station’s basement one can find an abandoned movie theater that we got to explore. One of the other features within the station, was a small room that contained Israel’s largest Yiddish books collection.