Discovering American Pop Culture in France- Kimmy Drexler

In the United States, everyone is constantly talking about what TV shows they’re watching, which movies they want to go see, and what their favorite celebrities are up to that week. Upon arriving in France, I discovered that it was exactly the same type of pop culture here, except it wasn’t with French shows or films like I expected, but with American ones! I’ve always known that entertainment is the number one export of the United States but I never truly realized that until I came to Toulouse. My hosts love to talk about their favorite shows and movies at the dinner table. The Mentalist, Revenge, Game of Thrones, NCIS, Scandal, Mamma Mia, Pretty Woman, and Harry Potter are just a few of the subjects that we’ve talked about while eating dinner. They also love all things Disney, and grew up with it just like we did in the states. But it’s not just my hosts. I’ve been to a couple of American movies here in Toulouse and the audience is always mostly French. I’ve even gone to a special advanced-screening of the new movie Gravity that was hosted here in Toulouse by CNES, the French equivalent of NASA. As a huge movie and TV buff myself, it’s so interesting to see American entertainment being enjoyed in other parts of the world.


Advanced screening of the movie “Gravity”

Kimmy Drexler