Joelle — Joelle is one of the station managers and the programming director at WDCV. She is a Art History and Medieval & Early Modern Studies double major. Her show Dessert Cereal is on Tuesday nights at 11pm. She has seen Harry Nilsson’s The Point! too many times to count and has been listening to Gram Parsons on repeat for the past few months.


Photo on 8-11-14 at 7.55 PM #2

Bianca– Bianca is the head music director for WDCV and loves the profound power that comes with access to new bands and their stickers. She is a double WGSS and Italian Studies major, with an affinity for swearing in Italian. Her show Audio Intercourse plays on Sundays from 3-4 and she has a predilection for acoustic music, jazz, blues rock, and female vocalists who sound like they freshly murdered someone.


Lauren– Lauren is Lauren Bone of the station managers and the underwriting director for WDCV. She is a Sociology major with a minor in Education but her real passion belongs to listening to and playing all types of music-everything from Motown to Metal! Her show, “The Smorgasbord” is on Tuesday nights at 10pm. She once got Aretha Franklin’s autograph at her concert, and is trying to complete an alphabet of concerts (and still needs to see artists beginning with “K,” “Q,” “X,” and “Z”). She thinks she is Joni Mitchell’s biggest fan.


Brenda WDCV Advisor since 2003, “Official” job: Multimedia Programmer

Show:”Outside the Box” Fri. 12-1pm -indie/punk/folk/alt-country/hip-hop/noise & ABBA
Hopes: To see the Wu Tang Clan (achieved 12/22/11!)- Regrets: never seeing the Clash or Johnny Fact: has the most fantastical family ever




Esai– Esai is a social media coordinator for WDCV and day owner. He is a Biology major and Dope studies minor. He engages in flexing and studying on a day to day basis. He stays on his grind especially on Friday nights at 10pm with his show The Bee’s Knees. You can expect to hear the best noise at this time with music that’ll make you feel pre-faded.



VictoriaVictoria (or “DJ VDubs”) is the Director of Finance and Wednesday’s day owner for WDCV. She is a sophomore majoring in Economics. Her show The Reckless Serenade is on every Wednesday from 8 pm- 9 pm and mainly consists of indie rock/alternative, classic rock, and EDM but varies every week according to theme. Her current music obsessions include the Neighbourhood, Twenty-One Pilots, Coin, The Weeknd, and the Zombies. Outside of WDCV, Victoria participates in SSDP and the Economics Majors Committee. Her other interests include finance and nihilism.


Dan- DDanan is a music producer and events planner for WDCV. He’s an International Studies major and Spanish minor. He’s enjoys exploring the outdoors and listening to a solid jam. He hosts a radio show called The Loaf on Sunday’s from 7-8 where you can hear some Phish, Weezer, The Doors and all things inbetween.


EmmaEmma– Emma is a day owner and website manager for WDCV and an International Studies major. In her spare time she enjoys eating microwave macaroni and cheese and online shopping. She hosts a radio show Flower Power, on Wednesdays at 7pm. Some of her current favorite musical artists include Stromae, Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness, and Family of the Year.


LaurennLauren – Lauren is a music librarian and events planner for WDCV. She is a senior Neuroscience major. Her show Grapevine is on every Tuesday from 7 to 8 pm where she likes to play a variety of music. Her favorite bands include Radiator Hospital, The Strokes, Sheer Mag, and Real Estate. Loves: llamas. Hates: wasps.


Christian– Christian is a DJ and Exec Board Member. Show: Good Day, Tuesdays 8 a.m.-9 a.m. — to make your Tuesday an extra-good day, tune in early (6 a.m.- 8 a.m.) to catch DIG! and stay late (9 a.m.-11 a.m.) for Alloy. Good Day music includes blues, alternative, classical, and a lot of Dinosaur Jr. and Hüsker Dü.



Julia– Julia is a music director and website manager for WDCV and loves spending hours listening to new music and expanding her music taste. She is a potential American Studies major, and enjoys playing guitar in her spare time. She co-hosts a radio show called Tall & Small on Thursday’s at 7 pm, and loves The Head and the Heart, The Black Keys, and The Tallest Man on Earth.



JstineJustine– Justine is a social media coordinator for WDCV’s Instagram and Snapchat. She is a Biology major. She enjoys exercising and cooking. She hosts The Time Warp on Saturdays from 2-3PM where you can bop to everything from Frank Sinatra to Frank Ocean.



MaMTTtt– Matt is a radio coordinator and assistant production manager at WDCV. He loves creating new music, and is a Music, INBM double major. He hosts a radio show called The Raft on Mondays at 1 pm. His favorite bands are the Foo Fighters, The Beatles, and Gorrilaz. He also enjoys listening to Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.



JonJon– Jon is a DJ, Music Director and Exec Board Member. He is a senior computer science major planning on pursuing a graduate program in computational biology. His show, Jon’s Jams, is on at midnight Thursday nights. His current favorite musicians are Alex G, Chastity Belt, and Pile.



ZachZach– Zach is a DJ, music librarian, day owner and music director at WDCV. He is a senior double-majored in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He likes fuzzy guitars. His show, Faded Glory, co-hosted by Henry Rincavage, plays Wednesdays 11pm-12am.




JGJohn– John is a DJ, Music Director, and Events Director. He is a sophomore East Asian Studies Major but he much prefers to be in the station. His show, Indie Nights, focuses on featuring lots of new and coming indie music (and some old). He plays oboe and likes The Front Bottoms a little too much.




Jennifer– Jennifer is an exec board member and DJ. She is a first-year majoring in English and she loves to spend time finding songs with good vibes. She co-hosts a show called Spaced Out on Sundays from 9-10, where a variety of music is played, but often has an indie-alternative feel. Some of her favorites include Phoenix, Passion Pit, The Strokes, and Watsky.



Myles– Myles is an International Business major and possible double major with Spanish thrown in the mix. On his playlist you’ll find Isaiah Rashad, Medasin, and Broken Bells. Spot him walking to class, on his computer, or skating around with headphones trying to keep up with all of the new music. Double Decker is Myles’ live DJ set that he improvises every week



Holden-Holden is a Music Director and DJ. He joins his brother, Christian, for Good Day on Tuesdays from 8-9 a.m.