Amy Soba (Co-Station Manager)

Amy is a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in physics. She’s been part of WDCV since her freshman year and is currently one of the station managers. Amy loves playing piano, guitar, and ukulele. She is always up for a jam session and loves a good party. Outside of the station, she’s part of the Outing Club and enjoys going on weekend hikes and sitting in the sun. Her show, Maxin’ and Relaxin’, features lots of alternative rock, the occasional pop song, and all around good jams. Some of her favorite artists include Green Day, AJR, American Authors, and Hardcastle. Fun fact: She once sat next to Usher at a children’s Halloween parade.


Matt Nusslein (Co-Station Manager)

Class of 2021, International Business major & Spanish minor.
A jack of many trades when it comes to music taste, ranging all the way from psychedelic jam bands, heavy metal, blue grass, to house EDM. Some of his favorite artists are the $uicideboy$, Dopapod, and Polyphia! When he’s not exploring some new tunes you can find him out and about on his skateboard or drawing some of the many random things he thinks about on a daily basis (there’s a lot). You can find him at almost every live event WDCV will hold, he can never say no to a good time and some good music, especially if there’s a mosh pit.


Jonah Skeen (Treasurer)

Jonah was born in a log cabin he helped build. He plays in the bands august company and free lunch in america. when not listening to music, he’s usually longboarding or reading philosophy.





Vama Rao (Music Director)

Vama (music director) – Vama is a neuroscience major with a minor in Spanish. She is a DJ and music director with a passion for pop punk culture and its live music scene (RIP Warped Tour). She often discusses her love of crowdsurfing, moshing, everything in between; when she’s not at a show she is almost always talking about one. You can check out her radio show, Girl at the Rock Show, where she plays pop punk, hardcore, midwest emo, shoegaze, alternative rock, and anything else she’s feeling.


Nuhan Bin Abid (Head of Content Creation)

Nuhan – Nuhan is a prospective English/International Studies major with love for all things comedy, so come catch him doing lame puns and self-deprecating stand-up comedy  on Telescopes on a Rainy Day! He plays all kinds of music he can get his hands on, from algorithmically recommended to accidentally found and from around the world and will not hesitate to make you a playlist if he thinks you need to hear a song (or ten). He’s also a major geek about everything, so be prepared to hear trivia about all your favorite artists and more while he’s doing his show. He also hopes to do a podcast and a blog someday, and we just hope he starts sooner than later.


Katelyn Hock (Social Media Chair)

Katelyn – Katelyn is a junior English major with a minor in history, and she cohosts her show, Disheveled Disco, with her close friend and roommate Olivia. Outside of WDCV, she volunteers on campus with Tritons and Amnesty International, and in her free time she is an avid hiker and Netflix watcher. Her favorite artists include, but are not limited to, Hippo Campus, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Hozier, and of course Harry Styles, and she also loves true crime podcasts like My Favorite Murder.


Sophie Mahoney (Concert Chair)

Sophie is a junior sociology major from Pennington, NJ. She loves fixing bikes and jamming to music. She is the concert chair for WDCV on MOB and loves live music. Her favorite artist is Hippo Campus and her favorite movie is jurassic park because she loves dinosaurs.




Nate Kurzawa

Nate, affectionately referred to as “tots” by only himself, has been an exec member since his sophomore year and spends a lot of time in the WDCV lounge avoiding responsibility or occasionally doing his show where he plays actual vinyl for the clout of being a “real disc jockey bro.” As a biology major he can tell you about anything outside (whether you want to hear it or not) so please do not ask him about anything nature related. He likes to say he skates but really he can only cruise and can’t even ollie. He also is the drummer and co-vocalist of august company so you can tell he really likes music. Also the CDs in the lounge ceiling? He spent a whole afternoon doing that instead of studying for a final.


Brenda Landis (Faculty Advisor)

Brenda – WDCV Advisor since 2003, “Official” job: Multimedia Programmer  Show:” Outside the Box” Wed. 12-1pm -indie/punk/folk/alt-country/hip-hop/noise & ABBA  Hopes: McClusky will reunite – Regrets: never seeing the Clash or Johnny Cash  Fact: has the most fantastical family ever.

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