Father Time and DanDan 

Dan is Co-Station Manager and in charge of new DJ training and scheduling, but also helps out with programming. He spends his leisure time doing crosswords in space, dancing with Father Time (see image), and sitting pensively on top of mountains. He is an Archaeology and Classical Studies Major and is strictly from commercial. His show, Shuffle the Tangerine, is a civil union hyphenated program that he shares with Tessa Cicak from 6-7pm on Thursdays.


Ben Breuninger, Co-Head Station Manager, the rug that ties Dan’s room together. Likes organization, milk, and oversized books. Studies English, can’t grow a beard. Hosts Oh Hi Mark from 8-10 every Wednesday night and feels pretty great about it.




Jake is in his second year on the executive board, and has worked mainly in public affairs. He can most commonly be found adventuring around the harsh Pennsylvanian wilderness in search of quests and plunder. During the leisure hours of the week, he can be found level grinding his current Pokemon team, wasting money on vinyl, watching cartoons, recording radical jams, and arguing with strangers on the internet. He majors in International Studies, and hopes that his blog on international politics, Wordsauce, will one day have more readers than just his grandparents. He hosts Noise Pollution, a melodic mixture of hardcore, post-rock,  indie, folk, ska and dubstep that soothes the restless and energizes the lazy.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.39.59 AMEmilia
Emilia is the events co-coordinator and also in charge of MB Logan. She spends her time searching desperately for the Hobbes to her Calvin, pretending she knows what’s up, and being consistently late to everything. She is a Political Science major. Her show is called Icelandic Sheep and her DJ name is Ryan Gosling (chosen for her killer 8-pack abs). It’s on Thursdays from 3-4.




This is MB’s third year on the executive board, where she works on website upkeep.  In her free time she enjoys surfing, longboarding, and watching other people do stuff on boards. Occasionally she will open a book or the shutter on her camera. Her show is Cuddlebuns, on Sundays at 8pm, when you will hear a lot of surf punk, lo-fi, and experimental rap.


Sean is in his second year on the executive board. He spends his free time spacing out to music, learning to play his own music, and deciding whether or not to adjust to reality. His major is currently undeclared (still adjusting), and he hosts The Mighty Filter.



Mollie is an events coordinator and generally does absolutely nothing ever besides eat pizza. She’s a history major. The show is called Kitchen Sink which at one point seemed like a clever statement but after explaining that the show contains everything but the kitchen sink sixteen hundred times, it’s getting a little weird. Mondays 10 to 11, so don’t let your small children listen.



  •  Class Year: 2015
  • Position: Programming Assistant
  • Genres: Metal!, Hip-hop, Rock, Blues, Instrumental
  • Hopes: To memorize every Metallica solo in existence
  • Regrets: Listening to hippie music. Hippies are bad, just ask Cartman.



Stephan is an events coordinator for WDCV. He spends much of his time sitting which is his favorite hobby as well as hanging out hard, but you will also find him playing trombone. He is currently undeclared, but leaning towards a studio art major. His show is The Chubbs Alternative where he and a couple of friends discuss current events as well as play a few songs.



George is a member of WDCV’S Executive Board. He spends his leisure time cavorting with cacophonous cacti, while riding 4 wheeled unicorns through Camden, NJ. He is an International Business and Management major. His show, Bob Arctor’s House, takes place in the neighborhood of your ear’s imagination. Please, won’t you stop by and be his neighbor?



Patrick is in charge of WDCV’s social media.  He likes long walks on the beach, romance novels, and bathing in the blood of his enemies (incense and candles optional). He’s a Women’s and Gender Studies and History double major.  On his show, The Wasteland, he goes by the name DJ Quetzalcoatl and plays groovy tunes every Wednesday at 10pm.



Jon is one of the music directors at WDCV. He spends most of his time playing guitar, skateboarding poorly, or serenading people whether they like it or not. He is an Economics major and a Music minor. His show is called The Social Filter (he co-hosts with THE Sean Deveney). It airs on Wednesdays from 3-5, and features artists such as Foo Fighters, Reel Big Fish, Foo Fighters, Streetlight Manifesto, Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, and Foo Fighters.


This is Matt’s second year as a DJ and his first year on the executive board.  Matt lives outside New York City, which is one way to say that he lives in New Jersey.  On the air, Matt goes by the name White Noise (hint: this might be a play on his last name).  Matt gets into guitar in a big way.  He’s a shoegazer.  And, Matt.  That kid?  He tests out White Noise playlists before airtime by driving, windows down, around Carlisle.  It’s a beautiful countryside.  This helps Matt get the sequencing down, and I swear it has to be one of the best ways figure out the new music.  Matt majors in US history and he’s a senior.


Brenda WDCV Advisor since 2003, “Official” job: Multimedia Programmer

Show:”Outside the Box” Fri. 12-1pm -indie/punk/folk/alt-country/hip-hop/noise & ABBA
Hopes: To see the Wu Tang Clan (achieved 12/22/11!)- Regrets: never seeing the Clash or Johnny Cash
Fact: has the most fantastical family ever



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