Emma– Station Manager- She is a senior International studies major, returning from a year abroad. In her spare time she enjoys eating microwave macaroni and cheese and online shopping. She hosts a radio show Flower Power, Wednesdays at 7pm. Some of her current favorite musical artists include Flora Cash, Phosphorescent and Sufjan Stevens.





JuliaStation Manager for WDCV She loves spending hours listening to new music and expanding her music taste. She is a potential American Studies major, and enjoys playing guitar in her spare time. She co-hosts a radio show called Tall & Small on Thursday’s at 7 pm, and loves The Head and the Heart, The Black Keys, and The Tallest Man on Earth.





Brenda- WDCVAdvisor since 2003, “Official” job: Multimedia Programmer

Show:” Outside the Box” Wed. 12-1pm -indie/punk/folk/alt-country/hip-hop/noise & ABBA

Hopes: To see 

the Wu Tang Clan (achieved 12/22/11!)- Regrets: never seeing the Clash or Johnny Fact: has the most fantastical family ever





Victoria– Victoria (or “DJ VDubs”) is the Director of Finance and Wednesday’s dayowner for WDCV. She is a sophomore majoring in Economics. Her show The Reckless Serenade is on every Monday night from 10-11 pm, and mainly consists of indie rock/alternative, classic rock, and EDM but varies every week according to theme. Her current music obsessions include the Neighbourhood, Twenty-One Pilots, Coin, The Weeknd, and the Zombies. Outside of WDCV, Victoria participates in SSDP and the Economics Majors Committee. Her other interests include finance and nihilism. 



Matt– is a radio coordinator and assistant production manager at WDCV. He loves creating new music, and is a Music, INBM double major. He hosts a radio show called The Raft on Sundays from 8-9pm. His favorite musicians are Nujabes, The Beatles, and Gorrilaz. 

He also enjoys listening to Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Debussy.



Holden-Holden is a DJ, Music Director, and Art Director. He co-hosts Good Day with his brother, Christian, on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.. Holden is a Religion major, and enjoys listening to all kinds of music. 


Austin- Austin is a junior philosophy major and is working with the station for his third year. On his show, you can listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly an eclectic mix of rock ‘n’ roll, folk, and alternative. His favorite artists include (but are not limited to) Ween, Frank Zappa, Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin, and Vampire Weekend. In his spare time, Austin likes to read, try to play guitar, and argue about philosophy.






John– John is a DJ, Music Director, and Events Director. He is a sophomore East Asian Studies Major but he much prefers to be in the station. His show, Indie Nights, focuses on featuring lots of new and coming indie music (and some old). He plays oboe and likes The Front Bottoms a little too much.






Dan D- Dan is a music producer and events planner for WDCV. He’s an International Studies major and Spanish minor. He’s enjoys exploring the outdoors and listening to a solid jam. He hosts a radio show called The Loaf.



Amy- Amy is a DJ and part of the exec board for the station. She joined WDCV last year as a first year and is a potential psychology major with a physics minor. Her show, Maxin’ and Relaxin’, features lots of alternative rock, the occasional pop song, and all around good jams. Some of her favorite artists include Green Day, AJR, Imagine Dragons, and The Score.



Jonah- Jonah (aka DJ Figgy) is a sophomore planning to major in Philosophy with a minor in Economics. He co-hosts Playing It By Ear with Alejandro Arango on Tuesday 5 to 6 PM. Aside from WDCV, Jonah is on the board of Tree Club and is the Eco Rep for Conway. Jonah also writes and records music spanning everything from folk to punk to electronica. Some of his favorite artists are Pavement, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, MF Doom, Daft Punk, Ryan Adams, and the Velvet Underground.


Jessica- Jess is the punny and proud host of an indie-folk music station called “Indie-cisive.” Armed with terrible jokes, a self-proclaimed adequate taste in music, and her *ba dum tsss* sound effect box, Jess is truly the hostess with the most-ish. The average audience for her show is around 6 people, 83% of whom are related to her, but she has air conditioning, so she doesn’t need too many fans. Tune in each week to “Indie-cisive” for an hour of good jams, bad jokes, and not your average Jess.


Alejandro-Launching the hit show Playing It By Ear along with his co-host Jonah “DJ Figgy” Skeen, Alejandro’s always looking to hear new music and new genres to play on the show. He joined WDCV to open people’s mind to new sounds and show that there’s good music from every genre. Even country music.