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Nancy is super fancy, which her show reflects as it’s name is Fancy Tunes (9-10 on Mondays). Nancy is a station manager for WDCV as well as a music director. Her recent accomplishments include coming back from France with a more refined palate, and recently creating a cat-themed radio show. She also participates in other super fun music things including Collegium and the Crescendevils acapella group.




Mollie is a station manager and generally does absolutely nothing ever besides eat pizza. She’s a history major. The show is called Kitchen Sink which at one point seemed like a clever statement but after explaining that the show contains everything but the kitchen sink sixteen hundred times, it’s getting a little weird. Tuesdays from 10-11, so don’t let your small children listen.




  •  Class Year: 2015
  • Position: Programming Assistant
  • Genres: Metal!, Hip-hop, Rock, Blues, Instrumental
  • Hopes: To memorize every Metallica solo in existence
  • Regrets: Listening to hippie music. Hippies are bad, just ask Cartman.



Patrick is in charge of WDCV’s social media.  He likes long walks on the beach, romance novels, and bathing in the blood of his enemies (incense and candles optional). He’s a Women’s and Gender Studies and History double major.  On his show,




Jon is one of the music directors at WDCV. He spends most of his time playing guitar, skateboarding poorly, or serenading people whether they like it or not. He is an Economics major and a Music minor. His show is called Sandford’s Finest (he co-hosts with THE Bianca LoGiurato). It airs on Tuesdays from 8-10, and features artists such as Foo Fighters, Reel Big Fish, Foo Fighters, Streetlight Manifesto, Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, and Foo Fighters.


Photo on 8-11-14 at 7.55 PM #2


Bianca is a new music director for WDCV and loves the profound power that comes with access to new bands and their stickers. She is a Women’s and Gender Studies major, with an affinity for swearing in Italian. She co-hosts a radio show called Sandford’s Finest with Jon Northridge, and loves the Black Keys, AC/DC, the Strokes and also anything that sounds sort of jazzy with electric guitar.




Lauren is an undeclared sophomore and this is her first year on the WDCV executive board. She is interested in English and Education. Her show is called The Smorgasbord and is on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm where you could hear anything from Motown to Metal. She loves to sing and eat popcorn.




Aurora is new on the WDCV exec board. She is a senior Environmental History major and Chinese minor with a penchant for human rights and adult sex education. Aurora is perpetually broke because she spends every cent on shows. She writes album and concert reviews for the WDCV blog, and she spins her sets every Thursday evening from 10pm to midnight on LightsOn w/ Aurora.




Mix up your Mondays with DJ WOLFE (Liz Plascencia ’16) who is a junior Earth Sciences major with a concentration in Environmental Geology. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she actively enjoys surfing, longboarding, and paddleboarding. On campus she is the President of The Geological Society of Dickinson College, Barista for The Peddler, and on the executive board for WDCV 88.3.


Brenda WDCV Advisor since 2003, “Official” job: Multimedia Programmer

Show:”Outside the Box” Fri. 12-1pm -indie/punk/folk/alt-country/hip-hop/noise & ABBA
Hopes: To see the Wu Tang Clan (achieved 12/22/11!)- Regrets: never seeing the Clash or Johnny Cash
Fact: has the most fantastical family ever


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