For over 50 years, WDCV has been the voice of Dickinson College. The station started in 1959 as an AM operation at 640 Khz, with broadcasts confined to the Dickinson campus. WDCV expanded to a 10-watt FM service in 1973, and began broadcasting 18 hours a day at 88.3 Mhz. The station increased its transmitter power to 250 watts and began stereo broadcasting in 1983. More recently, WDCV began webcasting at www.wdcvfm.com, and streaming via Stretch Internet.


We are Carlisle’s only non-profit radio station and broadcasts a full spectrum of musical genres. As an educational, non-profit station, WDCV-FM is operated on a volunteer basis by students at Dickinson College and members of the Carlisle community. The main purpose of WDCV-FM is to provide a forum for overlooked, suppressed or under-represented voices and music. We broadcast cultural, educational, informational and other programs and materials for the entertainment and profit of the public, and for the education and training of our staff. As such, we have a wonderful opportunity to provide high quality programming, while offering low rates for our many existing and potential underwriters.


WDCV-FM has provided innovative programming to its devoted listeners since 1973. With its transmitter and antenna atop Bosler Hall on the Dickinson College campus, the station reaches the entire Carlisle community, as well as Mt. Holly Springs, Boiling Springs, Middlesex and New Kingston. A worldwide audience is served by the WDCV web stream.


We welcome underwriters looking to reach our successful, cultured and dedicated listening audience. On-air underwriting is available at affordable daytime and overnight rates and can be purchased at quantity discounts. Please inquire about advertising on our website as well.



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