Under Milk Wood with the Dickinson College Department of Theatre and Dance

This past weekend, WDCV had the chance to collaborate with the Dickinson College Department of Theatre and Dance on their spring show. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the theatre and dance department decided to take this semester’s production online with the radio drama, Under Milk Wood. See below for a short synopsis of the play:

“Under Milk Wood tells the gentle story of a day in the life of a small seaside village in Wales, beginning with the first rustlings of pre-dawn and continuing until all in the village rest in the arms of nightfall. In this unique radio broadcast, the characters of the village are brought to life by a cast of over thirty voice actors composed of current Dickinson students and Dickinson alumni guest artists.”

Although originally aired on WDCV on March 5th and 6th, you can listen to the recording at your leisure by clicking the play button below.

The Dickinson College Department of Theatre and Dance

Technical assistance & help: Kent Barrett, Taylor Garrett

WDCV-FM 60th Anniversary!

Hello WDCV Alumni!

WDCV is celebrating its 60th anniversary. As a part of that celebration we would love to hear from and reconnect with alumni. We are inviting alumni to come visit us on Homecoming and Family weekend (September 23-25). On the 24th at 3-5 pm we plan to have an Open House of our station, t-shirts, a place to record alumni stories, and of course, music! Can’t make it? That’s okay. We would love it if you could record some memories from your time as a WDCV. Little stories that would be lost otherwise. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but if it’s something you remember, it must have been important enough to stick in your memory so why not share it. Even the ones that might have been more secretive are welcome. 

Fill out our Alumni Survey and you can write out any memories or we have a space to drop in an audio story. 

Alumni Survey

While we have a list of WDCV alums, we may not have a list of everyone. Please pass on this letter to any WDCV alums you are aware of.

We have a list of alums that have been identified as listing WDCV as one of their activities, but we surely are missing people who we would love to reconnect with.  If you know of other WDCV alums, we would be grateful if you would pass this information their way so we can gather as much WDCV goodness that we possibly can. 

We hope you will stay in touch with WDCV through our website wdcvfm.com & our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Also, if you have pictures or other memorabilia that you would like to share with us we would be very thankful.  You can either send digital images of pictures or documents or if you want to donate originals to our archives please mail them to us. We would love audio of old shows or just you recording a story or Station ID for us.  If you have problems getting any of these items to us, let us know, we will find a way to help!

Thank you,

WDCV Exec Board

Contact Us!




Dickinson College

PO Box 1773

Carlisle Pa 17013

Concert Review: AJR’s One Spectacular Night

by Amy Soba ’21

On Saturday, December 26th, AJR hosted their first full livestreamed concert. I’m not normally a big fan of livestreamed concerts, but this was something different. It was hosted on VENEWLIVE which presents a more interactive interface than Facebook or Instagram Live. For example, the viewer can rotate between different camera angles and chat with other audience members. Viewers can also cheer, stomp, and applause which are played at the end of each song. Fun fact – AJR themselves created the cheering sound effects! (see their TikTok or Instagram for more @ajrbrothers).


I’ve been to two AJR concerts, one for The Click and one for Neotheater. Both times I was absolutely blown away by the level of dedication and creativity the brothers show to their music and to their audience. Thus, I was really intrigued to see how they would pull off a virtual concert experience.


The show started out with a FANTASTIC overture containing pieces from AJR’s entire discography. As a big AJR fan, I was a little sad that they did not include an overture on their Neotheater album like they did on Living Room and The Click, so, to me, this was the perfect way to kick off the night. The band played through a good portion of their Neotheater album while also throwing in some bigger hits like “Weak,” “Sober Up,” “Burn the House Down,” and (perhaps their biggest hit yet) “Bang!” They also debuted a new song, “My Play,” which will be part of their upcoming album OK ORCHESTRA.


Just like with any in-person concert, there were also tons of lighting effects like strobe lights and laser beams in addition to the songs themselves. Similar to their Neotheater tour, AJR also used a giant projector screen which Jack, the lead singer, interacted with. However, I think the coolest stunt they did was having Jack suspended mid-air with wires and making it look like he was walking on a laser beam. In a way, I think certain visual effects could have only worked in this virtual setting, as you would have had to look at the stage from just the right angle to make the effect look real. That’s what I really like about AJR. They took this virtual concert space and were like, “Okay, the audience can’t really be there, so how do we make this an experience worth watching and how can we take advantage of this virtual setting?”

AJR performs “My Play”



One of my favorite moments of the night was when Ryan broke down the production of “Bang!” AJR does a song breakdown in every concert they do, so it’s always fun to guess which one will be featured. “Bang!” was a little tougher to guess than past ones because it honestly sounds like a standard pop song until you hear that tell-tale marching / swinging rhythm and trumpets. I loved how Ryan started with the simple, everyday sound of a door knock, and added in elements piece by piece until he created a whole song. It was like watching them produce a song right in front of us.* 


*if you’re into music production or really love song breakdowns,  I highly suggest checking out AJR’s Youtube channel where Ryan opens up their ProTools setup and breaks down acouple of different songs.  


All in all, AJR’s One Spectacular Night was indeed spectacular. While nothing can be the same as moshing to “Weak” with hundreds of other people, the band did a fantastic job putting together and performing a virtual show. Everything from the song selection to the visual effects to the stunts was completely captivating and I’m really glad I decided to go.


If you’re looking for the latest from AJR, check out “My Play” and make sure to keep an ear out for their upcoming album, OK ORCHESTRA, which drops March 26th, 2021.


Find AJR on Spotify!

All featured photos are from AJR’s Instagram @ajrbrothers

A Reflection on Remote Radio

From the perspective of a station manager

Photo credit: Amy Soba ’21


The fall semester has come to an end and what a crazy one it’s been. I remember walking out of the station in March thinking “I’ll be back soon. It’s just spring break.” Boy, was I wrong. One week turned into two weeks and then a month, and then a whole summer which blurred into a remote fall semester. I was definitely let down. I thought, “Wow, I’m a senior and one of my last memories of the station will be sitting on the couch watching Barry – wild.” Little did I know that radio could continue on from the oh-so-familiar four walls of my room. I called a meeting with the other station manager, our faculty advisor, and our technical engineer. We were able to brainstorm four pretty good ideas which we then pitched to the rest of exec and the DJs. One of the ideas – prerecorded shows – really caught on. We ended up with about 24 active student and community DJs, which I think is pretty amazing. I was able to record a show on Friday night and have it air on Tuesday, which was convenient.. The prerecorded format also gave me space to try talking more “on-air” and add in more fun facts about the artists or personal anecdotes about a particular song. Our exec board also hosted a few Zoom hangouts, game nights, and even pulled off our semesterly 24 Hour Live event.


The spring semester offers a whole new set of challenges with Dickinson’s plan to flip the on-campus student body halfway through the semester. I’m hoping to have more live DJs in the station with proper cleaning protocols in place along with continuing remote radio for those who are at home. In an ideal world, I would love to see a socially distanced Live on Britton once it warms up in April/May. With 2020 almost over, I’m definitely ready to look towards the new year. I’m sure I won’t wake up January 1st, 2021 with all of my problems solved, but if this year has shown me anything, it’s that people can be really creative in coming up with ways to keep moving forwards. All in all, I’m very impressed with how radio has fared and I’m curious to see what next semester holds.


by Amy Soba ’21

Album Review: Hurts Being Alive by Down Time

Artist: Down Time

Album: Hurts Being Alive

Genre: Indie

Hometown: Denver, CO

Track Listing (* – recommended tracks):

  1. Other Side*
  2. Take Me To A Place
  3. Hurts Being Alive*
  4. Not A Complicated Person*
  5. Star
  6. No Sentiment
  7. Blank Stare
  8. Despite
  9. Doubt
  10. There It Goes

Songs with profanity: #1, #5, #7

Recommended if you like: Frankie Cosmos, Snail Mail, Lomelda

Label: Self-released

Reviewed by: Lil Macchiato

Album Review: Man Alive! by King Krule

Artist: King Krule

Album: Man Alive!

Genre: Alternative, Lofi

Hometown: London, England

Track Listing (* – recommended tracks):

  1. Cellular*
  2. Supermarché
  3. Stoned Again
  4. Comet Face
  5. The Dream
  6. Perfecto Miserable
  7. Alone, Omen 3*
  8. Slinky
  9. Airport Antenatal Airplane
  10. (Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On
  11. Theme for the Cross
  12. Underclass
  13. Energy Fleets*
  14. Please Complete Thee

Songs with profanity: #2, #3

Recommended if you like: Cosmo Pyke, Ariel Pink, Blood Orange, Homeshake

Label: Matador Records

Reviewed by: Lil Macchiato

Interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer

This year, the Poitras Gleim Lecture guest was Dr. Ruth Westheimer. The lecture honors people who’ve made significant cultural contributions to media and popular culture, and this year Dickinson was pleased to have Dr. Ruth. She’s best known for being the sex therapist on American broadcast media, alongside many other things such as being a Holocaust survivor, Israeli military member and more.

Our interview with her discussed a lot about her general career, and her own reflections of life at age 92! WDCV can proudly say Dr. Ruth gave us glowing reviews for our interview and she enjoyed it very much, which we take as high praise since she’s done radio far longer than our station members.

Interviewers: Rosey Pasco & Nuhan B. Abid

Technical assistance & help: Brenda Landis, Taylor Garrett

The BEST Halloween Playlists you have never heard of, until now

Aquarium Drunkard. Bookmark it. Put it on your daily reads list. Educate yourself on all sorts of awesome music that isn’t on commercial radio (but we play on WDCV!). Their vintage mixtapes are the stuff of legend. Perfectly crafted finds from scratchy records that might have languished in a forgotten box in your neighbors basement but these expert diggers source, curate, and share these gems for all of our benefit.

My favorite ones are the Trick or Treat Mixtapes filled with a focus on 60’s garage and surf rock monster tunes but other vintage gems are peppered in there. You won’t hear Monster Mash but I promise you will hear tunes you wish you heard before today. I can only find volumes 5-9 online and if you can find me 1-4 I will forever be in your debt.

They have 7-9 still posted and 5 and 6 links straight to a sketchy download site.  So, for your trick or treat bag I have downloaded all 5-9 for your enjoyment and also because they keep removing the old ones and I don’t want them to disappear forever. 

If you like these I highly recommend their other holiday mixtapes “Lit up like a Christmas Tree Vol. 1 and 2′ And “Christmas Jambree :: A Vintage Jamaican Yuletide Mixtape”.  Really, just use this link to search any post with the term ‘mixtape’ in it and you are likely to stumble upon the best treasure trove of downloadable vintage jams you never knew were missing from your life until now. 

I’m also a fan of the Bomboclat! Island Soak series.  Really, you can’t go wrong on any of these mixtapes.  Happy listening!

Rare’s BEHive on Campus Conference (Interview)

WDCV Interview Series





WDCV recently interviewed Lindsey Lyons and Allison Miller ’20 from the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE), alongside Katie Velasco from Rare to discuss their upcoming conference on Dickinson on the 5th of October.


The event’s set to feature all kinds of sustainability issues, and present some prominent panelists alongside much more that you can hear some thoughts about in this interview.


Read more at : https://www.dickinson.edu/news/article/3885/dickinson_college_to_host_national_higher-ed_sustainability_summit_oct_5



Nuhan B. Abid ’22, interviewer and Content Coordinator for WDCV

billie eilish Album Review

Nothing can compare to the excitement I felt when Billie Eilish dropped her first full album on March 29th, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?  It immediately shot to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, making Eilish the first artist born in the 21st century to hit the chart’s peak. The album accumulated many recent singles released and added more diverse sounds and styles.

I have been a huge fan of hers ever since I heard her song “watch” in January of 2018. I instantly fell in love with her unique voice, her pop and indie style, and the creativity in her lyrics. After discovering her, I made sure to tell everyone about her, and I’m sure others did too, as she rose to fame with multiple single drops and collaborations with new artists like Khalid in the song “lovely”.

Her songs cover a variety of subjects: love, culture, self-image, hatred, and everything between. She fantastically combines these lyrics with incredibly chill beats and new technology to give her music an edge.



Some may say that her recent album is too dark and dismal, but I think it is a true masterpiece. There is a sense of fluidity through her album, as the last three songs are called “listen before i go”, “i love you”, and “goodbye”. There is a great combination of songs to bop to, songs to get you in your bag, and songs to sit back and appreciate musically. My favorite song on the album is called “xanny” where Billie addresses teen culture of using drugs. Other favorites are “wish you were gay” and “when the party’s over”. As her first full album, it is unbelievable how much talent and musicality is pieced into every song.

I very highly suggest you take a listen to Billie’s new album, and all her old songs too. She is truly unique to this generation of music.



By: Victoria Dionisos ‘22