Fall 2023 Semester Recap

Fall 2023 Exec Retreat!

Hey! it’s been a while…

WDCV Wins Student Group of the Year! – Spring 2023

Last spring was one of our best semesters, we really drove home what we bring to the Dickinson College student community. This past fall we tried to keep that energy going.

Co-Station Manager Sarah Goodwin (far left) and Exec members (from left to right) Amy Lawn, Theadora Duane, and Olivia Hobbs showing off our stickers at the Activities Fair on the Academic Quad!






As always we were playing tunes at the activities fair and hypnotizing people into joining the radio….and we got a record number of signs ups so it totally worked!!! Roughly 100!!






Exec Members Michael Wymer and Theadora Duane DJ at Charter Day! – Fall 2023

Of course we did lots of djing for campus events…



Poster making night in the station – Fall 2023






lots of djing…

Events Coordinator Isaac Landis and DJ Orion Giles DJing at Out On Britton! – Fall 2023











We also walked in the Carlisle Halloween Parade again this year! We always love dressing up as our favorite artists and throwing candy at little children! Woohoo!


WDCV walking in the Carlisle Halloween parade! – Fall 2023

DJs dressed as their favorite artists!…and a dinosaur! Wow! – Fall 2023


Exec Members Molly Gun and Theadora Duane, and DJs Ellie Hirsch and Amelia D’Addieco march dressed their favs – Fall 2023






We also tried some new things this semester

CD Painting Night in the station during 24 Hour Live – Fall 2023







A bunch of us DJs got together and painted some sick CDs.

CD Painting Night in the station during 24 Hour Live – Fall 2023








Also Christopher Jackson was here (Mr. George Washington from Hamilton!!!!)and we got to interview him!

Exec Members Sarah Goodwin and Molly Gun interview Christopher Jackson on air! – Fall 2023

Sarah and Molly interview Christopher Jackson on air! – Fall 2023



And of course…we had our live music events.

This semester mxmtoon and Pink$weats came to Dickinson!


But we can’t forget about that homegrown music scene. We had an awesome turn out for Open Mic Night!


Lady Macbeth (DJs [left to right] Theadora Duane and Amelia D’Addieco) perform a Mazz Star rendition at Open Mic! Fall 2023

Huong Ly and her group performing at Open Mic! – Fall 2023















We had a pretty great (and busy) semester, check back in the spring…its gonna be cray Z…

WDCV Whiteboard Calendar – Fall 2023

2023 Fall Concert!

Duo poster of our fall concert headliners, Pink Sweats and mxmtoon. Tickets are on sale now for $15, and the show is Friday, Oct. 27 in ATS at 6:30.

Get ready everyone – it’s Fall Concert time! Tickets are available NOW for Pink Sweat$ and mxmtoon, who will be on campus Friday, Oct. 27. We’re so excited for you all to see the work WDCV and MOB have been putting in to this!

Tickets available now on University Tickets!


WDCV New and Returning DJ meetings!

Fall Semester is in full motion! We had a great turn out at Student Activities Fair which translates to a heap of new djs! Our meetings were well attended and now we are pairing new djs with seasoned ones for training. Keep listening as our airwaves become alive with the Voices of Dickinson College!

Spring 2023 in Review

Last spring, WDCV was busier than ever. Here’s what we were up to!

Open Mic!

Last Open Mic, attendance exceeded capacity. So we listened to Dickinson students’ cry for more live music.

The Open Mic showcased the many musical talents of Dickinson students and shared the love of live music. We had one of our biggest turnouts yet!

Open Mic February 2023 in Allison Community Room


Battle of the Bands!

WDCV partnered with Jam Space and held a Battle of the Bands in Allison Hall.

Both student and Carlisle community bands battled it out for the winning prize of opening for the WDCV/MOB Spring Concert, chosen by Dickinson faculty as judges.

Battle of the Bands 2023 Contestants

The night’s winner, High Street, impressed the judges and was crowned the openers for the 2023 Spring Concert.

WDCV Exec 2023 at BOTB

BOTB Judges getting pumped for the acts!



WDCV Named Student Group of the Year!

After a long year filled with music, friends, and fun, WDCV was named Student Group of the Year for all their hard work in creating a community of music and college radio lovers.

WDCV Exec and DJs receiving Student Group of the Year award!
















Spring Concert!

Boyscott, Another Micheal, and Battle of the Bands winner, High Street, played at the WDCV/MOB Spring Concert on Britton Plaza!

Though there was a bit of the rain, Exec, DJs, and friends danced in the rain to some good tunes.

Boyscott on Britton Plaza- Spring Concert 2023

Boyscott on Britton Plaza Spring Concert 2023

Another Michael on Britton Plaza- Spring Concert 2023

High Street on Britton Plaza – Spring Concert 2023

High Street on Britton Plaza – Spring Concert 2023

WDCV’s Halloween Parades over the years

We are already thinking about Halloween. It’s never to early to get inspired. We realized we did’t post all of our old entries into the Halloween Parade here so here’s a quick recap.  Want to part of it this year? You don’t have to be part of WDCV, just have the spirit of Halloween move you and join in our fun. We don’t have a theme yet this year. Inspire us!

A People’s History of WDCV- History of the Pop Up Record Shop

Every so often the Pop Up Record Shop appears in the HUB and it is a sight of beauty for all music lovers. But it didn’t just happen. It was planned. Curated. WDCV has made a years long bond and connection with our friend Dennis to bring music to the Dickinson masses.  But here is how it all came to be. 

Summer 2013:

Our WDCV’s advisor’s husband found a yard sale off the beaten path that was something from a strange fairy tale. An abandoned fake western town on the outskirts of Carlisle repurposed to hold old store fixtures, hundreds of mannequins, and records. Thousands and thousands of records. Bizarre. Beautiful. 

Pre-Orientation ProgramAugust 2014:

WDCV partners with the Media Center for a Pre-Orientation program. Carlisle Uncut: Stories off the Beaten Path was a series of stories produced by first year students during the Campus Media Pre-Orientation program.  10 students arrived on a Sunday, interviewed people on Monday, edited on a Tuesday and aired their stories on WDCV by Wednesday morning.  It was a fast paced introduction to audio journalism, storytelling and learning about their new home of Carlisle through the eyes of the individuals who live here. WDCV set up 5 stories that we thought needed to be told and set these students out on adventures. One story took them to an abandoned fake western town on the outskirts of Carlisle….


The Mannequin Man of Carlisle

Have you ever stumbled upon a business, house or some other strange place that makes you ponder, “how did I not know this place existed before?”.  Carlisle has a few of these and one of them is a strange wonderland filled with thousands of records, mannequins and store fixtures for sale in an abandoned fake old western town.  It sounds too strange to be true, but that’s what makes this such a great story.


A Great Idea!

Every great event starts as a great idea. In the fall of 2015 we started planning an event for College Radio Day.  College Radio Day was a recent celebration that started in 2011 because many colleges, especially ones in larger metropolitan areas, found that in the budget crunch after the 2008 recession they could make a quick dollar by selling their off their radio license.  Internet radio is not the same and to have an educational radio license is something we all need to cherish. One of our execs, Nicholas Gabuzda ’18, pondered how we could get more folks to buy records since Carlisle didn’t have a shop and he remembered our podcast about Dennis. What if Dennis could bring some of his inventory to us? What if WE could be the record store….for just one day? BEHOLD! The Pop-Up Record Shop was born!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2015 AT 10 AM – 4 PM –Pop Up Record Store and Oddity Shop-College Radio Day

We found that people were ravenous about vinyl so Dennis started returning every few months. The first two shops were able to set up upstairs by the Social Hall and it was a perfect spot that we miss. 


Field Trip! November 2015

WDCV wanted to see where the magic happens….so on a COLD November day, we trekked out to Dennis’ secret lair and it didn’t disappoint.

Where’s Dennis?

Sure, you can find Dennis and his crates of magical records on campus every semester but you can also find his treasures downtown at the Carlisle Antique Mall and Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb!  He vends at the Carlisle Car Shows every summer and Bluegrass on the Grass every July (put on my WDCV’s retired advisor and DJ Davis Tracy!). 

But we love to see him here and we hope to see YOU at our next Pop up Record Shop!

WDCV Makes the List for Best College Radio Stations in 2022

WDCV is ranked #22 in the Princeton Reviews “Best College Radio Station” 2022 list!

This past week one of our Exec members was reading the Princeton Review’s “Best College Radio Stations” list and WDCV made the cut! We were ranked #22 out of 338 other colleges and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to our DJs, our exec staff, our advisor, and tech manager for keeping WDCV great!

And of course thanks to our listeners for believing in the wonder and joy of college radio. We’ve been here for 60 years, here’s to 60 more!

24 Hours Live- 12/3/22

WDCV 24 Hours Live – December 2022

As the end semester rolled around WDCV couldn’t forget to host our 24 Hours Live! While our station already always plays music on the air 24 hours a day, last Saturday from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday we had a DJ hosting each hour of the day. Our DJs hosted political and miscellaneous talk shows and of course their usual great taste in tunes.

You know it was good if Nicki was there (Emily and Nicki are close friends).

Open Mic!!

Jam Space members of “Green Tangerine” playing at Open Mic [Emilio Gurany (’25), Owen Degenhard (’25), Nate Valleau (’25), & Matt Turk (’23)]!

This past Saturday, WDCV hosted an Open Mic! There were talented acts and a really enthusiastic crowd; awesome energy all around. Thank you to all who came out and supported live, local music! Also shoutout to that one guy in the muscle tee that got everyone up and dancing.


Allan Farfan Canales (’23) rapping his self-produced music

WDCV is all about promoting local, underrepresented music and art, Open Mic was the perfect opportunity to bring that to the community! Some of the performers shared original pieces with the audience. Musicians Zuzu Black (’25), Allan Farfan Canales (’23), and Benjamin Fox (’26) all played original songs and the crowd loved their creations! Pia Mancini (’25) also read an original poem, and her passionate reading really resonated with the audience.

Venus Bhatt (’24) and Swarnim Bade Shrestha (’26) sang “Take Me To Church” by Hozier






We’re in the process of getting some of our performers’ original works into our Heavy Rotation, look out for their stuff on the air! And a special thank you to our Technical Production Manager, Vivika Garrett, for setting up and managing the tech stuff for the entire event.

Benjamin Fox (’26) performed an original song


CMC Concert- 11/8/2022

Last night, CMC Nashville, TN. put on an awesome show! The organization is a ‘study abroad’ program that teaches students for a semester all the details of putting on a show: set up, technical production, choreography, songwriting, etc. Their final exam is going on tour around the U.S., and one of their stops this year was Dickinson!

Each performance featured a lead singer, guitarist, bassist, backup singers, keyboardist, and drummer; and some acts included trumpets and trombones. Every part of each of the dozen acts were completely original and created by the students themselves.

The concert had all different genres: punk, pop, indie, metal, rap, and others! There was something for everyone to enjoy. The students put on amazing performances and our DJs and the audience loved it. We hope to see them again next year (or even next semester…).

CMC Nashville & WDCV Exec