Sarah Goodwin (Station Manager)

Sarah is a senior majoring in English, minoring in Ethics and Women’s Gender and Sexuality studies. Her favorite artists are Led Zeppelin and Mac Miller and loves collecting vinyls and CDs. Her show (All That and a Bag of Chips) airs Wednesday nights 12am-1am.

Emily Engoran (Station Manager)

Emily is senior majoring in English and loveeeesss Troye Sivan (he lives in tattoo form right above her elbow). Her show airs from 11pm-12am Wednesdays!

Declan Feeny (Station Manager)

Declan’s a senior economics and political science major and one of his favorite artists is Elliott Smith! He’s also from Queens, NY; but be warned if you bring up NYC around him he will quiz you. His show TBD(eclan) airs Sundays 10pm-11pm.

Walker Kmetz

Walker Kmetz

Walker Kmetz (Concert Chair)

Walker is a junior majoring in Political Science. Their favorite artist is Fleetwood Mac and, fun fact, they can name every country in the world! Their show (Walkman’s Walkman) airs Thursdays 5-6pm.


Molly Gun

Molly Gun (Events Coordinator)

Molly is a senior from Massachussetts and 1/2 of the hit duo A.M. in the Evening. Come let your ears hang out with them while they play their favorite songs of the week!


Cameron Nichols

Cameron Nichols (Head Music Director)

Cameron is a junior majoring in Biology. He’s also Head Music Director working alongside Sarah going through new tunes every week.



Jay Case

Jay Case (Treasurer)

Jordyn (Jay) Case is the Treasurer for WDCV. She’s a junior majoring in Classical Studies with a Classical Civilization emphasis in Philosophy. Her top Spotify artist has consistently been Blink-182 for years (and she’s not mad about it). Her show is called Basket Case (Wednesdays, 10-11pm).


Amy Lawn

Amy Lawn

Amy Lawn (Podcasting Co-coordinator)

Amy is a Law & Policy major with a double minor in Ethics and English. She loves listening to rap, R&B, and indie music, but will explore any genre. Her show Loud With Lawn is Wednesdays 9-10pm where they discuss music history with digressions into almost every other topic imaginable.

Theadora Duane (Assistant Music Director)

Collin Gashen (Podcasting Co-Coordinator)

Emma Spinelli (Social Media Chair)

Olivia Hobbs (Treasurer)

Michael Wymer (Historian)


Dan Dicker (Technical Production Coordinator)

Dan is WDCV’s resident Tech-junkie. Catch them hard at work around the station keeping our stuff on the air!

Brenda Landis

Brenda Landis

Brenda Landis (Faculty Advisor)

Brenda – WDCV Advisor since 2003,
“Official” job: Multimedia Programmer
Side Hustle: Deputy Mayor of Carlisle Pa

Favorite shows she’s ever been to in no particular order
Black Eyes/Q & Not U/Super System – Unitarian Church Philly
Lightning Bolt – Unitarian Church Philly
Phish – The Great Went – Limestone Maine
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic -NYC
Man Man – Chameleon – Lancaster
Death Grips – Franklin Music Hall Philly
Jose Gonzalez – Franklin Music Hall Philly
Shopping – Johnny Brenda’s Philly

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