Carlisle Uncut: Stories off the Beaten Path-“The Mannequin Man of Carlisle”

preoleoclaireCarlisle Uncut: Stories off the Beaten Path is a series of stories produced by first year students during the Campus Media Pre-Orientation program.  10 students arrived on a Sunday, interviewed people on Monday, edited on a Tuesday and aired their stories on WDCV by Wednesday morning.  It was a fast paced introduction to audio journalism, storytelling and learning about their new home of Carlisle through the eyes of the individuals who live here. We will post a new story every day this week until all 5 stories are told.

The Mannequin Man of Carlisle

Have you ever stumbled upon a business, house or some other strange place that makes you ponder, “how did I not know this place existed before?”.  Carlisle has a few of these and one of them is a strange wonderland filled with thousands of records, mannequins and store fixtures for sale in an abandoned fake old western town.  It sounds too strange to be true, but that’s what makes this such a great story.


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