The Voice of Dickinson College is proud to support the Red Devils!


Do you have a passion for sports?  Do you constantly have that need to speak about sports but you just can’t find the right environment? Have you ever thought about becoming a professional sports journalist/ broadcaster? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are the perfect candidate for WDCV Sports!

For over 30 years WDCV has had a sports broadcasting program that gives a unique opportunity to Dickinson Students. This program allows students to have hands on live sports broadcasting experience, which many college radio stations do not offer. From play by play to talk radio, WDCV has it all.

This is also a great opportunity for students to get off campus. Since Dickinson is located in Carlisle, it is sometimes difficult, especially for freshman, to adapt to our small town. Not to worry though, WDCV can help with that problem. We are constantly going off campus to do away games, giving anyone who is interested a chance to get off campus for the day and enjoy an exciting sporting event.

For some, this all might seem like a large commitment for one club but in reality that’s just not true. WDCV Sports personally works with your schedule and if it turns out that you are too busy on a certain day, there is never any pressure for you to change your schedule to work a game. If you’re interested in working for WDCV Sports, send an email to .