• Introduction


    I started working at Dickinson as the Director of Academic Technology in October of 2022. Prior to that, I had spent 7 years at Wilson College. We had less than 50 full time faculty. That meant I was working on every area of academic technology and had a small faculty to share information with. With…

  • Call for Willoughby 2024 Participants

    Apply to participate in Willoughby 2024!  The Willoughby Institute is going back to its roots and focusing on the digital humanities. We invite any faculty member who would like to learn more about DH or begin working on a proposed project. Previous Willoughby Fellows are encouraged to participate.   The Institute will be held on campus…

  • Research process using AI for an undergraduate English student

    Background – This demonstration is one simplified theoretical example of how students can use AI to improve their research and also layout the process broadly step by step. As of now, all the tools mentioned below are free to use the way I describe for the general public. Some of these tools are “freemium” models…

  • Extra Credit

    We often get asked how to create extra credit opportunities with the Moodle Gradebook. Ryan was kind enough to put together this set of instructions. Let’s use the following grading structure as an example and assume you would like to add a Grade Item as extra credit for the course. Research Paper 15% Quizzes       …

  • Spring 24 Welcome Back!

    Spring 24 Welcome Back!

    Greetings and welcome back from Academic Technology! We hope you had a restful break! As we all prepare to return to campus for the spring semester, we wanted to reach out about how Academic Technology can support you and your students. We are your Academic Technology team and are ready to assist you with technology-enhanced assignments…

  • Spring 24 Tech Tuesdays!

    Spring 24 Tech Tuesdays!

    During the Spring semester, Academic Technology will be hosting Tech Tuesdays. Beginning the 2nd week of the semester, every Tuesday at Noon (excluding faculty meeting days), please come to the computer lab in the Bosler basement to learn about various academic technologies. You can pick and choose which to attend based on your interests. We’ll…

  • 12/1/23 AI Image of the Week

    12/1/23 AI Image of the Week

    Bing Image Creator Prompt: Diverse group of undergraduate college students studying in the library. Addition: Please change it so that they’re sitting around a table.

  • AI Image of the Week: Happy Thanksgiving!

    AI Image of the Week: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Created with Firefly. Prompt: a thanksgiving turkey on a platter in the middle of a table but the turkey is alive and staring at you Courtesy of Ryan Burke

  • AI Large Language Models:  Examples at Dickinson

    AI Large Language Models: Examples at Dickinson

    We were happy to see the Japanese chat bots highlighted in the Dickinson Today.  While there are some advantages connecting to AI services with code via an API, there are also many potential uses for AI with their freely available web sites.  I have highlighted some examples below, and if you’re interested, have questions, or…

  • AI Image of the Week: 11/6/23

    AI Image of the Week: 11/6/23

    Adobe Firefly: coffee beans scattered on a counter next to a mug of steaming coffee and a cup of espresso

  • Highlights from EDUCAUSE Conference 2023

    Highlights from EDUCAUSE Conference 2023

    I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2023 EDUCAUSE Conference in October. The conference was in Chicago and other than a little rain one evening, the weather was very pleasant. EDUCAUSE is one of the main professional organizations for technology professionals in Higher Education. The community spans across all technology areas such as…