• Generative AI Tips

    Generative AI Tips

    A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Connell and I delivered a training session for faculty to learn more about generative AI (ChatGPT, etc.) and how you can use it to save time with your administrative functions and in your planning for teaching. Since this is the academic technology blog I’m going to focus on the…

  • Giving Feedback Directly in Word

    Giving Feedback Directly in Word

    Ryan Burke, our Web Development Specialist, was working with a faculty member yesterday on a Moodle feature we didn’t know existed until now. Apparently when students submit Word files to an assignment, there’s a way to download the files, put your feedback right on the Word document, and then upload them to Moodle. The new…

  • 9/22/23 AI Image of the Week

    9/22/23 AI Image of the Week

    Adobe Firefly Prompt: a gray squirrel searching for an acorn on Dickinson college campus with limestone buildings in the background

  • 9/4/23 AI Image of the Week

    9/4/23 AI Image of the Week

    Bing Chat prompt: Make a picture of a mermaid sports mascot and a red devil sports mascot. Have the 2 mascots pose together.

  • Deputy Mayor Landis Speaks at Convocation

    Deputy Mayor Landis Speaks at Convocation

    Our very own Multimedia Specialist, Brenda Landis, is also the Deputy Mayor of Carlisle. She spoke at the 2023 Convocation and did a great job! Brenda is regularly able to find connections between her work at Dickinson and her work for the community. It’s really cool to see and we are so happy to have…

  • Moodle Upgrade Thoughts

    Moodle Upgrade Thoughts

    As you all know, Moodle was upgraded this summer. The main functions stayed the same, but the look/feel of Moodle changed. Below are my personal thoughts regarding the upgrade. My thoughts reflect what I see in the design of the system. If you are experiencing technical issues such as file failures and such, please email…

  • Email Archive: Welcome Back Fall 2023

    Email Archive: Welcome Back Fall 2023

    The following was emailed to faculty via their Academic Technology department liaisons in August, 2023. Greetings and welcome back from Academic Technology! I hope your summer is going well! As we all prepare to return to campus for the fall semester in a few weeks, I wanted to reach out about how Academic Technology can support…

  • Introduction


    I started working at Dickinson as the Director of Academic Technology in October of 2022. Prior to that, I had spent 7 years at Wilson College. We had less than 50 full time faculty. That meant I was working on every area of academic technology and had a small faculty to share information with. With…