Everyone’s voice matters!

What is the purpose of this project?

The goal of this project is to collect the testimonies and memories of those from Bosnia, about the conflict and their immigration to the United States. We hope to interview as many community members as possible from diverse backgrounds and experiences with the goal of preserving these memories for future generations.

Why would you be a good narrator?

Anyone from Bosnia, or whose family is from Bosnia, who is willing to share their story would be a great narrator. Your voice matters. Every individual experience is part of the larger history, from which we can all learn.

How can you contribute?

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form. If you would like to recommend someone for us to contact, please email Project Coordinator Karl Qualls at quallsk@dickinson.edu.

What language will the interview be in?

At this point, we can only conduct these interviews in English.

Where will the interview take place?

The interview will take place in a quiet space wherever you are most comfortable. Ideally this could take place in your home, but we currently have access to interview space at Cumberland County Historical Society.

Who will be conducting the interviews?

These interviews will be conducted by Dickinson College students and staff trained in collecting oral histories. For additional information on interviewers, check out the short biographies.

Will the interview be recorded?

The interview will be audio and video recorded with your consent.

What will happen to these interviews?

Ultimately, you have the right to decide what happens to their interview. We have arranged to preserve them at the Cumberland County Historical Society, and to make them available to the Bosnian community and future researchers.

Does you have to answer all questions?

You only have to answer questions they are comfortable with.

How long will the interview take?

Typical interviews last about an hour. The natural flow of conversation is encouraged, and the interview may be shorter or longer.

Could you bring objects relevant to your story?

Any relevant photographs, letters, and other documents are extremely valuable to this project as they provide more context for the interview. Having access to these documents will be vital in preserving your story of life in Bosnia and Cumberland County. You may choose to have these objects become part of a digital database available to researchers.