Where I Live, Where They Live

My teamwork was diverse, it was made up of two American students, one from India, one from Pakistan and me from Peru.

First, we agreed that currently all of us spend a lot of time connected to our social pages and cell phones. We also agree that the use of technology makes our lives much easier, but at the same time and indirectly we are contributing to the destruction of our planet.

As a second step, each one of us exposed and even gave some examples of the meaning of kindness in people. Personally, for me Pennsylvania is a very friendly city with warm people. About this, some of my classmates agreed, but others did not. For example, a classmate told us that when she compared Pennsylvania with the city where she grew up, she felt Pennsylvania cold and indifferent. Another difference was how we perceive the concept of ethics and how we respond to the corruption in the public institutions of our countries of origin. In this regard, each one presented his point of view and we noticed that we have different perspective. Finally, we talk about how proud we are of our cultural past. Here I would like to highlight the example of Pakistan and India. They preserve and encourage the use of their mother tongue, Urdu and Hindi respectively. Specifically, we compare this detail with my country where the formal education has been given only in Spanish for decades. therefore, our mother tongue Quechua has almost disappeared.

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