Ukraine-Russia War: Reflections After One Year



A little over a year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. That illegal, illegitimate, and abusive act meant the start of the war between both countries. Vladimir Putin thought he would win it in a short time. It has not been like that. In fact, this has become a war of attrition. Thus, the Russians seek to wear down the Ukrainian forces as much as possible. For their part, the Ukrainians have shown the planet that they are more united than ever to continue fighting for the freedom of their people. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a great leader who has known how to guide his country and, above all, earn the respect and support of a large part of the world.

Operationally, Russia lacks artillery and has suffered casualties of around 200,000 men, between dead and wounded. To try to solve his troop problem, Putin has changed the recruitment system and now all that is needed is to send young people an email informing them that they have been summoned to go to the front lines. In this way, bureaucracy is avoided, and time is saved. Now, the fact that Russia does not have precision missiles means a serious risk for Ukraine, since entire cities could be bombed in the middle of combat. But Ukraine also has similar problems, lacking air defense missiles. The few that remain force their military leaders to make difficult decisions about whether to defend the civilian population, critical infrastructure, or key military installations.

Although, according to the panelists, there is little chance that Russia will use nuclear weapons, there is no guarantee that Putin will not use them in the end, even more so given the hypothetical scenario of losing Crimea. This would undoubtedly put the world on the brink of a third world war that could end in nuclear war.

From my perspective, unfortunately, for now, the possibility of an end to the war seems distant.

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