Chances of survival after CPR

The chances of surviving a CPR attempt are generally overestimated by members of the lay public.  Less than one in one hundred end-stage cancer patients in the ICU will survive a resuscitation attempt. Those who do often suffer broken ribs and other debilitating injuries stemming from the application of  CPR. It should come as no surprise that 88.3% of physicians in one recent study indicated  they would opt for the Do-Not-Prolong Life (no-code status) for themselves when terminally ill. [1]


  1. Periyakoil VS,  Neri E,   Fong A,  Kraemer H. Do Unto Others: Doctors’ Personal End-of-Life Resuscitation Preferences and Their Attitudes toward Advance Directives. PLUS One. May 28, 2014.

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