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About Me: Kanoa

Hello! I’m a student at Dickinson College, though I’m originally from California. While my primary interest is History, I do like to cook sometimes and typically make Asian or Asian-inspired foods. My knowledge of chemistry is limited, but I want to share what I’ve learned and how it applies to cooking and food.

About Me

About Me: Sam

Hi, I’m Sam! I’m a junior majoring in American Studies. In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing, watching films, and traveling. I became interested in cooking after getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2019. My recipe is an adapted version of Helen Rennie’s Earl Grey Chiffon Cake, substituting half almond flour for cake flour. …

Recipe at a Glance

Recipe at a Glance: Brownies

This is the brownie recipe Gracie and I will be making! Here is the link to the full original recipe. Link to Print Time and Activity Chart   Picture Citation: Gallagher, Adam and Joanne. “Our Favorite Easy Fudgy Brownies.” Inspired Taste – Easy Recipes for Home Cooks, 7 Nov. 2022,