Tweeting the Babylonian Epic of Creation

The Greek and Roman Mythology class today composed tweets about the triumph of Marduk over Tiamat in the Babylonian Epic of Creation, the killing of Qingu and the creation of Primeval Man from the blood of this defeated enemy. The Annunaki are 300 of the 600 other gods, who build the great temple of Marduk in the center of Babylon. Here are the results!

Tweeting Marduk 2 Tweeting Marduk.1


I created man, I created Babylon, and I’m the one who gathered the gods and divided them

Working on a new species! Anybody have some viscera they can lend me?
guess who just became king of the gods? #Iamawesome

Look at what I can do. @Qingu coming for you

Just came up with idea for primeval man #timeforvacation


Donated blood, didn’t even get a cookie #unfair

@therealmarduk – at least I still have the twitter handle @marduk #bloodless&beheaded

I really screwed up, please don’t take my blood. #FreeQingu

Hella pissed, woke up late for the war and got turned into “man” #Marduksux

Who has a non-extradition treaty? #sorry

Remember that time I started a war and lost? The Anunnaki did #lol


It’s my birthday #HBD2me

Showed up for work, everyone’s on break #Toilisreal

Working on my birthday

When the Gods create you from the blood of a traitor just to do their work #fml

… Guess we’ll just get to work #blessed

@Qingu thanks dude #WWQD

Made of godly blood, ‘stead of clay & stuff #suckitgreeks


Going to Marduk’s House #sleepover

Built shrine for new boss, then a city. What next?

Snitchers don’t get snitches as long as you’re chill with building Babylon

So glad #drama is done. Lovin the new boss! #MondayFriday

RT if man should build this #ThanksBoss Party in Babylon

We just wanted a house but it’s been a year since we have been making Babylon #allwewantisahome #Squadof600


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