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Rajendra K. Pachauri on adaptation and capacity building

[ensemblevideo contentid=MQ86DuTKb0CMVlRYVzo4VA iframe=false] Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairperson for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, discusses how adaptation is going to take a lot of involvement at the local level with state and national involvement to ensure capacity is built. … Continue reading

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Negash Teklu on the activities of PHE-Ethiopia and funding

[ensemblevideo contentid=XxJAuyQd00mtg-M6KlWU3Q iframe=false] Mr. Negash Teklu from Ethiopia, Executive Director of Population, Health, Environment (PHE) Consortium Ethiopia and COP 17 Party Member to Ethiopia, discusses the activities of PHE-Ethiopia including pilot sites, social research and workshops. He then explains the … Continue reading

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The Mayor of Lagos on the city’s and Nigeria’s position in COP 17 negotiations

[ensemblevideo contentid=Ep0FhkePa06o9TVYwFVuig iframe=false] Mayor Ayodele Adebowale Adewale of Lagos, Nigeria discusses Nigeria’s position within the negotiations and a multitude of sustainable initiatives occurring in Lagos, and calls for developed countries to help developing countries adapt and mitigate for the good … Continue reading

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Tony Nyong on Africa’s adaptation initiatives

[ensemblevideo contentid=UBgOvqZ_HU6Jg-ZCPAw_6g iframe=false] Dr. Tony Nyong, Principle Climate Change Expert at the African Development Bank, discusses how local communities have been adapting to climate forever, but that adaptation to anthropogenic climate changes needs to come from a variety of sources. … Continue reading

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Abias Huongo on Angola’s position in the climate negotiations

[ensemblevideo contentid=FgZE-Tk5N0Wy6FCjJIZfQA iframe=false] Mr. Abias Huongo of the Angola delegation, founder and president of Angola’s biggest environmental organization Juventude Ecologica d’ Angola, discusses Angola’s interest in a second commitment of the Kyoto Protocol, long term finance, capacity building and technology … Continue reading

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