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Welcome to the Dickinson COP17 Blog!

Welcome to Dickinson College’s Global Climate Change Africa Mosaic Blog! We are a group of Dickinson College students and faculty members who attended COP17 in Durban, South Africa as part of a year of intensive study and research about global climate change science, consequences and international policy, with a focus on Africa. COP17 is the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a meeting that brings together 1000s of delegates from 190 national governments and other organizations to negotiate international cooperation for climate change action. During our time at the conference we conducted and videotaped more than 50 interviews with conference delegates, and we have been analyzing our interviews during the spring semester (the taped interviews will soon be publicly available online). Following the two week conference we spent a week working with the Makaphutu Children’s Trust, helping them with maintenance of their Children’s Village and with distributions of food and clothing to the communities that they serve. You will find our reflections on these experiences in our blog. We invite your comments. Use the “Recent Posts” column or the drop down menu “categories” at right to navigate through the blog posts. To see what else we are up to, select one of the tabs up top!

-Neil Leary, Director, Center for Sustainability Education, Dickinson College

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  1. We can already see that we have not a long wait to come face to face with what happens where the straight superhighway we have been traveling with effortless ease becomes a narrow, curved cliffside passage; for we are the ones who are alive in a pivotal moment in human history, when economic and ecologic systems fail, a global empire (like a house of cards) collapses and self-proclaimed masters of the universe (who are primarily responsible for the colossal catastrophe looming before humanity) take off in private jets and yachts for secret hideaways in faraway places….come what may.

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