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Where’d the Snow Go

  • As early as the 1930s, the person on the street was discussing how “the weather wasn’t what it used to be.” How is your personal experience with the weather congruent or incongruent with what climate scientists are telling us?

Growing up in Massachusetts, I’ve seen a lot of snow.  Waking up at 5 in the morning, running downstairs to watch the news to see if school was canceled.  As I have gotten older though, it seems the quantities of snow we see each year have dwindled.  The storms that come to the area are not as severe and the quantities tend to be less for every storm.  So, what happened?  It seems that the scientists are on to something.  The concept of global climate change is now widely excepted, and from my personal life experiences and observations it the weather isn’t what it used to be.  the reduction in the accumulated snow in my home town would seem to be a result of the ocean keeping the air around us warmer.  The increasing ocean temperatures would increase the ambient air temperatures.  This would seem to be a factor in the noticeably decreased amounts of snow that in being received in my home town. This is clearly not the sole reason for the change in weather but it is likely having an impact on it.

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