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It is Time to take Responsibility and ACT!

Every nation state, and every person, holds some degree of responsibility for anthropogenic climate change.  In the world today, one cannot live without leaving an impact.  However, the answer is not as simple as that because responsibility is not distributed equally.  It is crucial to recognize the vastly different emissions of states.  In that light, those states who have contributed most to the problem ought to be charged with the task of leading the nation states towards more sustainable economies and ways of life.  This requires the cooperation of states who hold the most power in the international system, who currently feel little direct effects of climate change, and who are stubbornly stuck in their gas guzzling ways.  Thus, persuading these states to take responsibility for their contribution to climate … Read entire article »

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Weather, Climate Change, and the Necessity of New Thinking

Climate change poses humanity with the sort of problem it has not evolved to handle. This is the result of several factors in our evolutionary history, deriving from the very different world our pre-historic ancestors inhabited. The early days of our species were fraught with immediate physical perils, such as the scarcity of food sources, constant threats from wild animals, the lack of shelter, and so forth. All of these problems require attention in the present; otherwise, one would starve, be eaten, freeze, etc. So harsh was this early human existence that it left little time for thinking about anything else – like the future, the long run. Hence, focusing on the present at the expense of the future provided a survival advantage. And this short-sightedness was relatively harmless, for … Read entire article »

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Evidence of Anthropogenic Warming

Referring to figure 3 on page 182 in Weart, how would you argue that we have entered a time of anthropogenic warming?  If you had been living in the 16th to 19th centuries and had the data of figure 3 to that point in time how would you argue the possibility of climate change?  Extrapolating a story from climate change data is difficult because there is a great deal of variability involved.  Weather and temperature change constantly so exact numbers often fade to averages and estimates.  The further back in history one explores, the more uncertainty there will be simply because of less technology and attention paid to the subject.  However, through ice, pollen, soil, and fossil samples, scientists have pieced together the story of earth’s climate.  The graph on page … Read entire article »

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