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The Nuts and Bolts Bringing Hope

                     By: Esther Babson It may be the last day but I finally went to my first COP! I actually went earlier this week but it is definitely the highlight of my experience here. With all the side events, interviews and press briefings it was amazing I even found a COP during a time that I was free! After trying over and over again to get into meetings, only to be kicked out, I tried not to get my hopes up as I walked over to the “Honey Bucho Room” where the planery was. The meeting was a contact group with the Technology Executive Committee-Draft Decisions on Modalities and Procedures. Ok, so I know this does sound like the most boring event ever and it may have been on other days but … Read entire article »

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A Custom Concern of the People

There is a reason that the word “global” is in the term global climate change. This is a problem that ultimately impacts all citizens of Earth. Global climate change makes no distinction between political association or economic prosperity; everyone will be affected and everyone has a responsibility. The entire history of climate change study clearly denotes the international effort to answer scientific questions. From the first computer models to the IPCC reports, the threat of climate change has voided political boundaries and forced people to act as part of the global community. Researching climate change has created institutions such as the World Meteorological Organization  as well as produced several international conventions to help address this formidable problem. One of the key issues that discussions regarding global climate change face is management … Read entire article »

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