People’s Climate March in NYC

Mosaic Students marching with their Professors in mind
Mosaic Students marching with their Professors in mind

Today 25 students and 4 faculty members from Dickinson College descended on New York City with 400,000 other people from around the world to demand climate action. We started in Central Park and ended at the UN headquarters on 9th Ave. We came to New York for a variety of reasons, but what we all hold in common is that we demanded action to address climate change now.

We are all anxiously watching what will happen on Tuesday September 23, 2014 as Ban Ki-Moon holds the Climate Summit in New York City. We are doubtful yet hopeful that our actions today will make a difference on the international stage.

400,000+ strongWhat happened today shot past our wildest expectations. 400,000 is a lot of people, we are ecstatic to see where this goes. We can’t wait for the future. Please join us.

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Dickinson students found Bill McKibben of on the streets!
Dickinson students found Bill McKibben of on the streets!


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3 Replies to “People’s Climate March in NYC”

  1. Great to see so many people came out to participate in climate march. Perhaps more of our politicians will come to realize that there is strong public support for action on climate change. But that will only happen if this march is just a beginning. If you care about this issue, let your elected representatives know what you think — repeatedly!

  2. 400,000 is a lot of people! It is so nice to see that so many people came from all over to unite on a cause and fight for what they believe in. It truly is the People’s Climate March. According to their website, it was the largest climate march in history with 2808 soldiery events in 166 countries. That is just amazing! Hopefully the actions of so many makes a difference.

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