Jared E on May 11th, 2010

Post-Copenhagen Thoughts Well, we are a few months removed from the Copenhagen accord and I have yet to offer my feedback as to what I actually thought about how things went down in Denmark. I’ve delayed this for a few reasons: 1. The bombardment of information: so many numerous things happening over there to actually […]

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Phil Rothrock, Maria Mei and I interviewed President Durden before leaving Carlisle to find out what his opinion was on the work that the K2C research team has done so far, and his perspectives on our role at the conference. You can check the entire interview in the video below. Durden interview_Dec1_2009

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Brandon McCall on April 25th, 2010

The division between academia and policy implementation, in the field of climate change, has in my opinion never been wider. When I began this course, I was passionate about the study and implementation of public policy.  Although I knew very little about climate change, I had studied the policy making process in both the United […]

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The intensive, interdisciplinary, and hands-on mosaic programs that I have taken while at Dickinson College have been the best and most unique educational experiences of my college career. The course From Kyoto to Copenhagen is more than just a course with a traveling component. The program offers the unique experience for students to get their […]

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The results of this conference should not be taken in isolation, but should be seen as part of a continuum of international negotiations on global climate change. The COP15 convention in Copenhagen was pegged by the UNFCCC in Kyoto to be a focal point and deadline for binding emissions agreements. However, political negotiations are  exceedingly […]

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