Neil Leary on April 19th, 2013

By Neil Leary Bill McKibben, in his role as a ‘professional bummer-outer’, began his public lecture at Dickinson College by first speaking about the bad stuff, “the valley” – what we are doing to the atmosphere, the climate and the oceans, the changes they are making in the world around us, and the risks those […]

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Brett Shollenberger on August 19th, 2010

This blog contains exciting educational reflections made during a year-long research project on the 15th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15)! Within these pages you’ll find: 1) Who We Are! 2) Reflections made at COP15! 3) Video Interviews from COP15! 4) Reflections  post-COP15! 5) Student Impressions on Key Issues 6) Research Projects The course […]

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Brett Shollenberger on August 19th, 2010

We are a research team from Dickinson College consisting of 15 students and 2 professors. We spent the past year in a course titled From Kyoto to Copenhagen, during which we attended the 15th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, interviewed parties to the conference, gave presentations to our community, blogged, wrote research papers, […]

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nguyenl on May 18th, 2010

In my previous post, Reducing GHG emissions in a finance-constrained world, I mentioned the fact that pledges of climate funding at Copenhagen, though very encouraging, is nowhere near the expected needed level. After the excitement upon the funding news waned, many people began to question the vagueness in the language of the Copenhagen Accord. Will […]

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As we began to digest what came out of Copenhagen, many felt disappointed that a legally binding agreement was not reached and started to look forward to COP16 in Cancun. However, up to this point there are not very high expectations for this round of negotiation which is happening in 6 months. About a month […]

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