Phil Rothrock, Maria Mei and I interviewed President Durden before leaving Carlisle to find out what his opinion was on the work that the K2C research team has done so far, and his perspectives on our role at the conference. You can check the entire interview in the video below. Durden interview_Dec1_2009

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Brandon McCall on December 14th, 2009

What does the future of environmental sustainability look like?  Having grown up in the city of Los Angeles, I became accustomed to a driving culture where traffic and smog were a way of life.  During my teenage years, I had the opportunity to travel to cities in Europe like Paris and Brussels, cities in the […]

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Pick one or the other: Climate Change or  Natural Gas Drilling. When, Neil Leary, Elizabeth Martin Perera and I met with James Warner, a legislative assistant to Arlen Specter, to discuss climate change, this was the answer. It’s not that the senate is against global climate change action; it’s that they represent such a diversity […]

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Kelly Rogers on October 3rd, 2009

  “A Stitch in Time: General Lessons from Specific Cases” details nine general lessons about adaptation to climate change. Number four on this list is “increase awareness and adaptation.” The authors of this article used case studies as proof that there are information “problems” in terms of communicating, advancing, interpreting, and applying the management of […]

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Bettina Cerban on September 28th, 2009

The difference between my position on environmental issues and my mother’s is that, beyond knowledge on the scientific aspects of climate change, I am aware that the political decisions that determine whether we face this problem head on, or cross our arms and whine about lost innocence (and income), are being made now.

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