Grace Lange on December 7th, 2009

How can you ensure sustainable development from CDM projects? I just sat in on a side-event on the EU and China’s perspective on CDM projects in China. One of the main issues identified, was that the CDM projects in China did not contribute enough to sustainable development. The CDM has two main objectives: the help […]

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When negotiations over the post-Kyoto climate change regime resume in December, the issue of ‘common yet differentiated responsibilities’ is certain to generate some intense debate. Beyond the conflicts caused by the deferring interpretations of the actual wording – repeated so often that it has become the mantra of international climate change discourse – ‘common yet differentiated responsibilities’ is a problematic approach to negotiations on several other levels.

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leek on September 14th, 2009

The organization of countries I chose from Yasmin and Depledge is the African Group.  The African Group is comprised of nations that have similar socioeconomic and climate change related problems facing them.  The African Group is different from most groups in that most of its members are also a part of the LDCs (Least Developed […]

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