SPQR app review in CO

With apologies to the good folks a Classical Outlook (the journal of the American Classical League), I wanted to make more widely available Sharon Kazmierki’s favorable review of Paul Hudson’s SPQR app for iPad in the latest issue (print only). We need more reviews of apps and other digital resources by experienced teachers and scholars like Sharon. Paul lives in Bath, England, and is not a subscriber to CO, so this is partly for his benefit, but also for anyone interested. Paul has plans to include some DCC content in SPQR in future. He is a great example of an app developer who is an active part of the community he is trying digitally to serve, so I wanted to support his good work. Sorry about the coaster in the shot . . .


One thought on “SPQR app review in CO

  1. I just had our IT department make sure that every Latin student in our school has SPQR available for download (all our students receive an iPad for use during the school year). My Latin 5 students (currently reading Catullus) are especially grateful.

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