Visualizations and Art

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I’ve been seeing a lot of interest and examples of data visualization coming via the blogosphere.    Stanford has released Data Wrangler in alpha, open source Gephi is in beta, and Google is not allowing users to upload their own data to their visualization tool.

It’s also interesting to see the artistic bent of many of the popular visualizations.  Check out the comments below the Facebook visualization, for example.  There are also entire sites with a definite artistic bent to the data visualizations.  Two of my favorite are and

For us, this seems like a great potential cross disciplinary project for students in sciences or courses with a stats component to work with art students in order to make a visual argument.   I know we already have a large number of science classes who make posters each semester as part of their presentation.   Art is a little trickier since we don’t have a graphics design course.  While the digital photography students certainly have applicable skills and knowledge, it’s hard to imagine a final project that would fit into their course.

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