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Civ IV Modding, step by step

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The worksheet walks you through step of a creating a historical scenario in Civ IV.  It starts with the capabilities provided by the World Builder GUI interface then moves into editing XML files to create new civilizations and technologies.  It … Continue reading

Willoughby Workshops

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We had our annual “Willoughby Week” of workshops for a small group of faculty.  Notes from each of the sessions are below. Delicious, Twitter, and Google+ Introduction to Digital Storytelling ( DS Resources ) ( Storyboarding ) Blogging & RSS Collaborative Writing Podcasting and Audacity (Outline … Continue reading

Sony Readers

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This semester we lent Sony Readers to a senior seminar in German to see if students would find them useful.  It was a small class of only 7 students.  In addition to the size, we chose them because the professor … Continue reading

Visualizations and Art

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I’ve been seeing a lot of interest and examples of data visualization coming via the blogosphere.    Stanford has released Data Wrangler in alpha, open source Gephi is in beta, and Google is not allowing users to upload their own data … Continue reading

Games – Horizon Report 2011

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I’ll be co-presenting the introduction of the gaming portion of the Horizon Report at ELI 2011 with Libby Evans from UNC.  I’m posting the notes here so everyone will have access to the links of examples.  I’m sure I’ll update … Continue reading

Civ IV Mod – Europe and the Americas 1492

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I created a mod a couple of years ago in Civ IV covering the world in 1492 and conquest of the Aztecs by Cortes for a course taught by Ed Webb on empires.  Overall, I was extremely happy with capabilities … Continue reading

Moving Huge Files to the Cloud

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After reading Mike Richwalsky’s post on Yottaa and cloud computing, I started experimenting with Amazon’s cloud service and possible integration with the Mixxer site running on Drupal.  This post is a bit more technical than what I usually write here, but … Continue reading

eReaders in Foreign Languages

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I’ve been keeping an eye on eReaders for quite some time.  It would seem to me that the digital format has enormous potential to make reading much easier and enjoyable for students of a foreign language.  Glosses have been around … Continue reading

Latest Map of Social Networks

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One of my favorite example’s of using Web 2.0 for language instruction has been the use by our Japanese department of the social networking site Mixi along with our Skype exchanges on the Mixxer to intergrate interaction with native speakers throughout their first … Continue reading

Kill Screen Magazine (back to school issue)

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I was interviewed for an article in Kill Screen Magazine, and my free copy arrived last week.   Calling it a magazine isn’t really fair, though that’s how they refer to it themselves.  It’s really much more substantial, more of a … Continue reading