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Language Technology Basics Fall 2022

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For students, some basic tools every student should know if taking a foreign language. Keyboard It’s a huge time saver to be able to touch type and not use ALT codes in Word (or worse using Insert -> Symbol)  To … Continue reading

Mixxer Update Article Published on FLTMag

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Interested in a language exchange?  The Mixxer has been completely redesigned and now includes live-chatting and new social functions including ways to thank users for corrections and find other active and selfless learners in the community. You can read more … Continue reading

Rise of Rome, historical simulation using Civilization V

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In the year 264 BCE, Rome sent a military force across the Straits of Messana to intervene in a dispute between Carthage and Syracuse. This military action, a prelude to Punic Wars, represented a fundamental change of direction in the … Continue reading

Evolution of the Mixxer

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The rise in the number of MOOCs in the past year has been nothing less than astounding.  Perhaps even more surprising is the uniformity of the structure used by 99% of these offerings: videos of lectures posted within a very … Continue reading

Notes for Digital Humanities

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Below is a list to the notes of past trainings we’ve done in the Willoughby that are likely to be useful for those considering or starting in the digital humanities. Blogs, RSS & Collaborative Writing – If you’re new to … Continue reading

Mixxer Visualization with Gephi – Languages by Messages

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  How it was made I exported a csv from the database with three columns: native language of sender, native language of recipient, and date. I installed and used this tool, Eonydis. Opened that program and selected the file. Next … Continue reading

Social Media

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While several campus organizations such as WDCV and the college farm use Facebook as a way interacting with the community, Dickinson faculty make greater user of Twitter.  Some of our favorite examples: Ed Webb  – Professor Webb’s personal Twitter feed … Continue reading


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Civ IV Modding, step by step

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The worksheet walks you through step of a creating a historical scenario in Civ IV.  It starts with the capabilities provided by the World Builder GUI interface then moves into editing XML files to create new civilizations and technologies.  It … Continue reading

Willoughby Workshops

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We had our annual “Willoughby Week” of workshops for a small group of faculty.  Notes from each of the sessions are below. Delicious, Twitter, and Google+ Introduction to Digital Storytelling ( DS Resources ) ( Storyboarding ) Blogging & RSS Collaborative Writing Podcasting and Audacity (Outline … Continue reading