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Augmented Reality, Blogs and Geo-Tagging to Connect Students with their Environment Abroad

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Goal The Instructional Media Services Department worked with the faculty leading the Japan Summer Abroad program to create a student project designed to provide an opportunity for students to become familiar with their new surroundings and culture.  The project required groups of … Continue reading

Definition: Digital Literacy

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I’ve been working Pat Pehlman to craft a definition for digital literacy and outline skills we believe students need to acquire before graduating from Dickinson College. Defining terms is not my favorite task to say the least. I’m always left … Continue reading

Faculty Willoughby Workshop

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I’m a little late, but I wanted to mention a few of Willoughby faculty workshops we had last week.  For those not familiar with Dickinson College’s Willoughby program, basically it’s a intensive week of workshops for faculty on Web 2.0 … Continue reading

Mixxer as an Open Course

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I’ve been looking at courses that are open to the general public for free as part of an upcoming presentation on open content.  The idea is quite amazing.  One “facilitator” is needed to organize the students and set up discussions. … Continue reading

New Copyright Rules

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The government has released some important exemptions to the copyright laws governing circumvention of digital controls. Main stream media is focusing on the “jail break” permission for cell phones. For those not familiar with the term, by default an IPhone … Continue reading

Student Video Projects

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While putting together some notes on our introductory session for faculty in the Willoughby Program, I started making a list of recent class projects that make use of some of the technologies. These videos were created as part of the … Continue reading

Google Books Adds Ancient Greek and Latin Texts

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This is another example of how Google Books can dramatically impact traditional education. The effect of digitized texts goes far beyond access. By converting the text to a digital format, it opens up new possibilities for textual search and analysis. … Continue reading

Finding and Organizing Authentic Content for Students

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One of the great early benefits for language learning  was the availability of authentic content.  At first students could find newspapers from abroad, then radio, then other kinds of multimedia, and finally even connect and interact with people via blogs, … Continue reading

Social Networks and Language Learning

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Akiko Meguro combined the social networking site Mixi ( and the Mixxer ( to make communication with native speakers an integral part of her course.  She uses the Mixxer to organize bi-weekly language exchanges via Skype for her students, then … Continue reading

UCLA’s Language Material’s Project

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UCLA announced the publishing of the “Language Material’s Project”.  It’s a very well organized database of resources for language teachers of less commonly taught languages. These searchable repositories aren’t as necessary as they once were with the rise of … Continue reading