Dickinson Study Abroad

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Dickinson study abroad, Fall 2013 and Academic Year 2013-2014

Nodes are either majors or locations. Edges are created by each major going to a destination. Size of node determined by connectionss (degrees).

Download then open this file with Gephi. FYI, this is beta, and it can show sometimes. There’s no “undo”, so save often, very often, if working for real. Choose ‘Directed’ when it opens.

Click the ‘Overview’ tab above.

Under ‘Statistics’, run ‘Modularity’. OK and Close

Partition tab, Nodes, click Refresh.
Choose ‘Modularity Class’ as parameter.
Now we have our communties.

There’s a slider bar for Edge Weight at the bottom, the one towards the left. Slide it left until you can easily see nodes and edges.

Ranking tab, Nodes, size (the diamond shape)
Select ‘Degree’ and Apply
Nodes are large based on number of connections (degrees)
Note where you can change Max size

If you want to rank nodes by color
Ranking tab, Nodes, color wheel
Select Modularity Class and Apply


Choose Layout ‘Force Atlas’ and run.
Right click and hold to move around.
Scroll to zoom in
Choose Layout ‘Expansion’ and run until you have some space

Click the first ‘T’ to show the labels
Click the ‘A’ for ‘Size mode’ and choose ‘Node size’. The larger the node, based on connection, larger font.
Adjust font size with the second slider to right.

Left click and drag individual nodes so you can see labels and no extreme outliers.

Click the Preview tab above
Select ‘Show labels’ under ‘Nodes’
Make the font size just below to ‘5’
‘Refresh’ at very bottom to see changes

File -> Export -> SVG/PDF/PNG
Choose PNG. In Options specify a larger size, I used 1500 by 1500 for large image.



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