Digital Humanities Authors

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Data extracted from Google Scholar via “Publish or Perish” program. 1000 authors who matched phrase “digital humanities”. Node size is based on their article with largest citation number. Edges created between authors by co-writing article.

Start with DigitalHumanitiesFinalDataImported.gephi This saves importing Nodes and Edges table. All three files are in the Mac Drop folder at Dickinson and in my shared public folder. Also had to create a new column called Citations then move data from Attributes in the column. Otherwise, it doesn’t see the attributes column under Nodes->Ranking

Right click and hold to move whole graph around.
Scroll to zoom.

On Right:
Apply filter to remove nodes without connections. Filters -> Topology -> Degree Range. Make it as least 1.
Under Statistics, run Modularity.

On Left:
Partition -> Refresh next to dropdown -> Choose Modularity -> Apply.
Rankings -> Node -> Size (diamond shape) -> Citations from Dropdown. Apply.
Layout -> Atlas -> Run (Let it go until communities are bunched)
Layout -> Atlas 2 -> Check Prevent Overlap -> Run (just a second to remove the overlap)

Click the first ‘T’, bottom left, to show labels.
Click the ‘A’ that says ‘Size Mode’. Choose Node Size. Label size now also depends on citations.

Done, get ready for exporting image.
Preview Tab above.
Select ‘Show labels’ under ‘Nodes’
Adjust font size just below.
Change ‘Edge thickness’ to ‘2.0’
‘Refresh’ at very bottom to see changes

File -> Export -> SVG/PDF/PNG
Choose PNG. In Options specify a larger size, I used 2500 by 2500 for large image.

Small Image

Large Image

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