New Flickr Image Search

Flickr has updated their search function as well (Thank you Mashable).  They’ve also add the ability to search for Creative Commons under the Advanced Search link.  For most of the searches in languages, you’re probably best off searching by Tag.  You’ll see this option under the Advanced Search as well.  Use the target language for your class instead of English to find more culturally appropriate photos.

Keep in mind as well that many images in Flick are geo-tagged, which means you narrow your search by location as well.  Do this from the main page and under the Search dropdown, choose Location.


Google Image Search, Creative Commons

Google has updated their image search to include license type.  This means you can click the advanced tab on Google Image Search and narrow your selection of images to those that permit reuse.  If you’re just showing an image on the web to your class, this doesn’t really matter.  This is for instances when you need an image to publish with a paper, show at a conference, or produce any other work that will be publicly available.   You can check it out here:

Keep in Flickr in mind as well.  The photo sharing site also allows you to search by license type.  The number of images are smaller than what you’ll find in Google Images, but the images themselves are usually of higher quality.

Google Search Updates

Google has updated two of it’s search function in ways that will make it easier for language teachers to find content.

Google Video now allows for a language specific search in the advanced form.  It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s still a great time saver.

Google labs is working on using image recognition for the image search function.  This is particularly useful when you’re searching for a keyword that can have multiple meanings.  “Paris” as in the capital of France or Paris Hilton is one of the examples given.  Now users can select the image that suits their keyword, and similar images will be shown.

Europeana Launched

Europeana aims to gather and digitized the collections of some of Europe’s largest libraries, archives, and museums.  Their website is still in beta; however, the collection is already quite extensive.

It’s well worth the time to do some quick searches to see what resources are available. The images are not of the same quality that you would find in our Artstor subscription (, though the collection itself is larger and includes audio and video as well.

Other sources you may be interested in:

  • Flickr (Photo sharing site.  Most images in creative commons.  High quality photos, everyday life)
  • ccMixter (Repository for music, most of which is generously licensed under a Creative Commons. Great for Podcast intro music etc.)
  • Creative Commons Search (Search several popular web resources for creative commons resources)
  • Blip TV (similar to YouTube, but much smaller and higher quality video)