Water Diary

My average water footprint: 1,405 gallons/day, 9,835 gallons/week, and 1,971 m3/year.
A majority of my water footprint comes from virtual water use.
The US daily average is 1,802 gallons/day, so I fall below the average. It was difficult to do this task, as due to covid I feel that I do not have the normal water use that I would have had a year ago. Staying home, I think my water footprint has likely reduced over the last year.

US Average: 820,000 million m3/year
Water footprints of countries in Levant region:
Israel Average: 14,000 million m3/year
Palestine Average: 3,400 million m3/year
Lebanon: 8,100 million m3/year
Jordan Average: 8,300 million m3/year
Syria Average: 36,000 million m3/year
No data available for Iraq.
Initially looking at these footprints, the US looks drastically larger than the countries of the Levant region. However, the large number differences is largely because of the large difference in populations, where the US has hundreds of millions in population, whereas the other countries have around 3 or 4 million and then Syria with 16.9 million. Locations such as Palestine and Jordan likely experience lower footprints as water is not as accessible as in other states. Israel is able to practice more sustainability and use of water with the more access to the resource it experiences. A key difference in these footprints is in the US water is an easily accessible commodity, whereas in these other countries it could be for some a basic necessity that is not always easily accessible at all times in large amounts.

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I thought you did a great job at addressing multiple aspects to why the statistics are different for each one of the countries listed-particularly in comparison to the USA. I also thought your inclusion of population difference was especially helpful.

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