General Psychology Mega-Sites and Indexes
Psych Web (one of the oldest and most student-friendly sites)
Psych Central (emphasizes mental health links)
Psych Scholar (collection of web resources for psychological scholars and budding psychological scholars)

Information about Graduate School

Graduate Students’ Corner

Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate School

Master’s in Psychology Programs

Information about Jobs and Careers
APAs Online Career Center
Non-academic Careers in Psychology (from APA)
Career Decision Tree for Psychology Students
SPN’s Online Career Psychology Center (huge!)
Pursuing Psychology Careers Page

Undergraduate Research Funding
Sigma Xi – Grants-in-Aid of Research Program
Research Experience for Undergraduates – National Science Foundation

APA Style (7th ed.)
From APA

Professional Organizations
Eastern Psychological Association
American Psychological Association
Association for Psychological Science
Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Universities and Departments
Hanover’s list of Psychology Departments on the web
Rank-ordered Listing of US Psychology Graduate Programs

Specialty Areas and Related Fields
Clinical Psychology (SPN)
Cognition and Perception (SPN)
Cultural Psychology (SPN)
Developmental Psychology (SPN)
History of Psychology (SPN)
Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SPN)
Neuroscience and Psychophysiology (SPN)
Personality Psychology (SPN)
Research Methods and Statistics (SPN)
SportPsych Home Page
Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry Links

Other Fun Sites
Psychology Tutorials and Demonstrations (Hanover)