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First, we welcome your constructive comments.  All of the individual content posts contained within this site have an active comments sections.  Just leave a reply, and following brief moderation, it should be posted within 24 hours.  Or if you have general comments or suggestions, please just post them below.


Dickinson librarian Chris Bombaro assists a lifelong learner with the House Divided Project

But even more important, this survey is built on the principle of class-sourcing.  Undergraduate students from the House Divided Project and from Matthew Pinsker’s classes at Dickinson College and graduate students from his online courses have contributed content to this project through their course work, independent studies, and internships.  These contributions, however, represent the beginning, not the end of this process.

If you or your students would like to contribute significant content to this survey –videos, exhibits, guides, etc.– then feel free to develop your own class-sourcing assignments and submit the best work to staff at the House Divided Project ( so that we can evaluate whether or not they might fit with mission of the Dickinson Survey.

Anybody at any level of education (elementary, secondary, undergraduate, graduate, or lifelong) is welcome to give it a try.  Many already have.  Check out the full list at our Contributors section.

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