Primary Sources from the Life of D.R. Anthony

In this new section, visitors can read some of the primary sources that I use to craft posts. Some of these are available elsewhere, or have been sourced from third part websites (see credit lines to learn where) while others are images I took of documents while conducting research in the archives of the Kansas Historical Society, or the Leavenworth County Historical Society. This will be sort of a perpetual work in progress.

Early Life: 1824-1854


Kansas Territory Days: 1854-1861

Tickets to Kansas from the NY Kansas ComitteeTickets to Kansas from the New York Kansas Committee 2

letter to Chicago Tribue about Kansas' potential



Letter to Susan describing political atmosphere in early 1859 (PDF)



Civil War: 1861-1865

February 22 letter to his Mother desribing differences between the unit’s life in Missouri and its winter quarters in Kansas (PDF)

February 3 letter to Susan describing goal to free slaves (PDF)


Anthony issues order newspaper

Anthony and Ewing coorospondance re martial law (PDF)

Account of the 1864 Mayoral election, which Anthony lost and which saw violence used by both sides


Post-War/Reconstruction: 1865-1871






Newspaper Empire Building: 1871 – 1888

Times’ Office Rules and Regulations (PDF)

1880 US census Anthony household


Anthony Shot by Embry


An Aging Legend: 1888-1904



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