June 26, 1945: U.N. Charter Signed in San Francisco

  • Conference began on April 25, 1945
  • India’s official delegates: Sir Ramaswami Mudaliar, Sir Firoz Khan Noon and V.T. Krishnamarchari
  • Walter White, along with W.E.B. duBois and Mary McLeod Buthune, served as a black advisor to the U.S. delegation

Gould, Sikhs, Swamis, Students, and Spies (2006)

  • Mme. Pandit “upstaged the official Indian delegation to the Conference” (383)

Hess, America Encounters India (1971)

  • “Although she attracted much favorable publicity to the nationalist cause, Mrs. Pandit’s attempt to bring the question of India before the San Francisco Conference was utterly futile. Neither the United States nor any other member was inclined to challenge the credentials of the Indian delegation” (153)

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