William Phillips (1878-1968)

Phillips, 1922, Courtesy of the Library of Congress

  • Career diplomat stationed in England, China, the Netherlands, Canada
  • Assistant Secretary of State, 1917
  • Ambassador to Italy, 1936-1941
  • Director of the OSS in London in 1942 until appointed Roosevelt’s personal representative to India on October 31, 1942 until FDR accepted his resignation on March 17, 1945

Online Reference Sources

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Primary Sources

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Papers, Harvard University

  • Hess does not believe the Phillips papers add much substantial information (189)

Reminiscences of William Phillips: oral history, 1951, Columbia University.




State Department, in history

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Foreign Relations of the United States with India:

FRUS, 1941FRUS, 1942FRUS, 1943FRUS, 1944FRUS, 1945FRUS, 1946FRUS, 1947

Department of State, 1941, courtesy of University of Minnesota