Vol. 2, No. 2, May 1941

“Horace I. Poleman on India and America”

  • Poleman was the head of the Southern Asian Section of the Library of Congress and a former student of W. Norman Brown at the University of Pennsylvania and a “driving force in the establishment of South Asian studies in the United States” (Gould 372)
  • Describes his impressions after traveling to India in 1939
  • Emphasizes the historical legacy of Indian civilization
  • “most Americans thought of India still as a land of grotesque mysticism, snake-charmers, the rope trick, horrible practices in the name of religion, and a funny little man in a loin cloth….I found a land of grim realism, enterprise, accomplishment, and purpose.”
  • Writes that the most important step to take in the future is furthering Indian education in America
  • “In the world of the future we shall need to know much more about each other if we are to have intelligent and peaceful relations.”

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