Vol. 2, No. 9, December Holiday Number, 1941

“India League Telegram to President Roosevelt” (first article)

India Today, Vol. 2, No. 9, December 1941

“Atlantic Charter and India”

  • Excerpts the reactions of the India Council of State, the Premier of Punjab Sir Sikander Hyat Khan, Supreme Court Justic Dr. M.R. Jayakar and President of the Hindu Mahasabha V.D. Savarkar–“moderates outside of the Indian National Congress”–to Churchill’s interpretation of Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter
  • All emphasize its negative effect on Indian support of Britain in the war

“India League’s Activities in 1941”

  • Held 22 meetings which included: “3 general meetings; 12 executive committee meetings; 4 banquets; 2 memorial meetings and one special emergency meeting”
  • On December 21, elected officers: J.J. Singh (President), Abraham Choudry (Vice-President), Dr. Anup Singh (Secetary and Director of Research Bureau), Hemendra K. Rakhit (Treasurer), U.S. Bannerje, N.R. Checker, Nirza Jaffer (members of Exec. Committee)

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