Vol. 4, No. 2, May 1943

“News Direct from India: India’s War Losses”

  • 2,096 killed, 8,521 injured and 84,833 prisoners (reported on Sept. 23, 1942)

“Roosevelt’s Envoy Not Allowed to See Gandhi”

  • Cites Phillips’ request to visit with Gandhi and Nehru and includes excerpts from American editorials on the subject including:
  • Selwyn James: “to deny him the opportunity to get the other side of the sotry tends to reduce his visit to little less than an escorted tour.”
  • Ernest Lindley: “the attitude of the British authorities in India will not make a favorable impression in the United States. Our interest in India is direct and vital.”
  • Samuel Grafton (New York Post): “Mr. William Phillips, the President’s special envoy in India, had asked permission to interview Gandhi, and had been turned down by the ‘Indian Government’; India suddenly developing a government when one is require for such purposes as this.”

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