English 222 is an introductory course in the Dickinson College English Department with a writing emphasis. Student posts explore their public-facing writing style,  describing aspects of the book they have adopted for the semester from the Dickinson College archive.  The goals for the course::

  1. Explore the relationship between the book as a material object and the cultural, technical, and historical elements that influence and make the object. We focus upon the book in the West.
  2. Establish methods of handling and examining books in their various forms. Explore through class readings the historical, theoretical, and imaginative writing on the book. Apply some of the methods of book making in hands-on projects. Work with the ideas of books in a semester-long project and a final project.
  3. Understand the methods of critical bibliography and how bibliographic methods can engage literary theory and history. In the final project students will investigate a topic in book history with independent research and hands-on experimentation, presenting their work in original and persuasive use of media.