Sustainability – Stephanie

The image I chose prior to the workshop was one of the first ones that depicted barren land next to the luscious green land. This image immediately reminded me of a scene in the movie The Lorax¬†where Ted knocks down the billboard to reveal the dead land filled with chopped down trees to his neighborhood. I think sustainability means implementing practices of reusing, reducing, and recycling (with an emphasis on the first two) into our daily lives so that our natural resources can last for generations in the future. I think that we need to educate ourselves more on how our actions affect the environmental health of other people and animals. Although we might not feel like we are directly affected by the declining health of our planet because we are privileged enough to live in a society “ignorant” to these problems, it is our duty to be more mindful of how our choices affect others. In doing so, we can work towards creating a more sustainable world. (Hopefully, we will never get to the point of needing bottled air!)

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